Update: What’s coming up and a few other changes…

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I was away from the blog for a while because I was working so much around the holidays and had barely enough free time to sleep and eat, so my apologies for not keeping up with things over the last few months.

Things have finally slowed down so I’m going to be doing a lot more on here! There won’t be a set schedule, but you can bet I will be reviewing the majority of MAC’s new launches, as usual. I’ll also be making random posts about MAC’s permanent products, as well as some products from other brands.

In addition to makeup posts and face charts, I plan on doing posts for outfit of the day, other cosmetics like nail polish, hair products and skincare, and good buys and finds. I will be doing makeup of the day posts too, so you all can see the makeup I do on myself (eek!). I’m trying to challenge myself and try new things that are outside of my comfort zone, so that should be interesting!


Thanks for reading… If you all have any ideas or products/reviews you’d like to see on here, let me know in a comment!




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