Sneak Peek – MAC Archie’s Girls Collection

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Today marks the official release date for MAC’s new collection… Archies Girl’s! There are two sides to this collection… One half features the girl next door, blonde sweetheart, Betty, with softer, warmer colors. The other half is more sultry, cool colors that are perfect for the spoiled, raven-haired Veronica (who was always my favorite).

I have *nearly* all of the products from the entire collection that I will be reviewing as soon as possible! All of the photos have been taken, they just need to be edited and I need a day or two to finish product testing… Here’s a sneak peek of the fun new stuff you can look forward to seeing on here over the next few days!!

Keep checking back, I’ll have posts up ASAP! Thanks for reading!     Xoxo, Lesley

Archie's Girls Sneak Peek

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  1. Hello, I’m really glad to find your blog. It’s really hepful for colors and textures when you can’t go directly to the store. A little “plus” would be a picture of the ingredients 😉 (I admit I have some sensitivies to some lol). Great job ! Keep going !

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