MAC Archie’s Girls – Betty Pearlmatte Face Powder: Photos, Swatches and Review

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Rather than release several blushes, MAC included Pearlmatte Face Powders in the Archie’s Girls collection, which can be used for several different things… A highlighter, a blush, or an eye shadow. This review is for Betty’s, which is the warmer of the two and is called Flatter Me.

Pearlmatte Face Powders combine a lighter, more pearly base color with darker colored hearts that have a satin finish. The color of the hearts is not just stamped on top either, it goes all the way through to the bottom of the product.

This is MAC’s description of Pearlmatte Face Powders… Hopefully it gives you a clue of what this product is: “Love is in the details with all-new Pearlmatte Face Powder combining pearlized and satin shades to achieve an array of looks. Hearts are adorably stamped onto the base. Effortlessly blends with a rich and creamy texture. Use for highlighting and blush effects or as an Eye Shadow with a velvet-smooth finish.”

Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder


Pearlmattes are super finely milled so they feel like silk on the skin. They’re easy to apply and layer or blend out. They remind me of MAC’s Beauty Powders but feel even more luxurious than those, if that’s even possible! One really nice surprise about these Pearlmattes is that they don’t break easily when dropped, despite the extremely fine milled texture. Trust me, the testers at the store where I work at have been dropped several times and they’re still in one piece!

As with the rest of the products in the Archie’s Girls collection, Pearlmatte Face Powders come with special white packaging… A white box with the Archie’s Girls logo as well as a glossy white compact with the same logo on the lid. The inside of the compact has a mirror, which, like the eye shadow compacts, is a legit mirror that is not the cheap, easily scratched up plastic type. This sturdy type of mirror also hasn’t broken when the testers have been dropped, so I think it’s safe to say that this special edition packaging holds up well in addition to being super cute 😉

Pearlmatte Box


Pearlmatte Packaging


Pearlmatte Face Powders are limited edition with the Archie’s Girls collection and are available now. Although Flatter Me is sold out online, you may want to check back later on to see if they’ve restocked it as they sometimes do. Otherwise, check your local MAC counter or store to see if they have some left! Pearlmatte Face Powders contain 10 g / 0.35 US oz of product and sell for $30.

Although MAC says that you can use these as either a blush, highlight, or eye shadow, I find that they work best on the cheeks as a blush or highlighter… You can also apply these as a soft wash of color and sheen layered over a blush (they work well like this with the blushes in this collection). If you want softer color or more highlight, swirl your brush mainly on the base color. If you want more color or want to use this more like a blush, swirl your brush more over the darker hearts.

As a blush or highlighter, Pearlmatte Face Powder wore well for 8+ hours before showing any signs of fading. They don’t emphasize pores or texture, despite the high amount of sheen they have, so these may be a good option for people with larger pores who have a hard time using something like Mineralize Skinfinishes for a highlight. For a more intense, heavy application, use a MAC 116 or 129 brushIf you want a softer color payoff, like to use as a highlighter, try a MAC 188 brush.

As an eye shadow, the lighter base color works best all over the lid or as a highlight for the inner corner of the eye or below the brow. Alone, the hearts yielded very little color and had a dry texture that didn’t want to show up or blend out very well. Sadface!

It’s strange to me how alone, the heart color doesn’t have good color payoff, but you can see a huge difference when you swirl it in with the base color… I’m not one to use the individual colors in a product like this anyway, so it’s really not a problem or fault in the product. Overall I really like the Pearlmatte Face Powders… They seem to be a big hit with this collection, so props to MAC for releasing a potentially confusing product (think Beth Ditto collection Powder to the People) and having it end up as something that’s so versatile, luxurious and fantastic!

Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder Label


Flatter Me


Flatter Me Close Up


Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Pearlmatte Face Powder swatched on NC15 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Pearlmatte Face Powder swatched on NC15 skin.

Flatter Me:   Flatter Me is described as a “golden peach with coral hearts”… The base color is a warm, light peachy color with a golden sheen, while the hearts are a dark, bold coral with a more satin-like finish. When you combine those two, this Pearlmatte Face Powder transforms into a really lovely warm, soft, light-medium coral with a pearly golden sheen. Since it has better color payoff and coverage than Veronica’s Blush, and also has a warmer tone to it, it works for anyone with fair to medium-dark skintones. Even on darker skin, it would still probably be suitable as a highlighter without appearing too light or ashy.

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:   5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5

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