Coming Soon: MAC Blush, Lipstick, Lipglass, and Eye Shadow Reviews and MAC In Extra Dimension and Baking Beauties collections!

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There are a few things that I’ll be putting on the blog soon… I’ve had this planned for a while but no free time to do it since I’ve been working so much!

As far as new collections go, MAC is releasing the In Extra Dimension collection on April 4th online and April 11th at counters and in stores… I will be reviewing all of the eye shadows, blushes, and skinfinishes with that collection!

There is also MAC’s Baking Beauties collection coming out online April 11th and in store and at counter April 18th, but I may not be reviewing every single item from that one, but I’ll try!!

You see, I have an extensive makeup kit and personal collection as it is, especially from purchasing products to build those up with over the past year, so I can’t always justify spending my money on makeup just to put it on the blog when I have bills and rent to pay! Luckily, I have access to every product from these collections, so hopefully I can photograph and swatch everything from both collections and be able to review everything for you before the products are released, or at least get posts up on the day they come out! I promise I will do my best!

In addition to new collection posts, I’ll be periodically adding posts for MAC’s permanent products including blushes, lip and eye products. You can also expect a brand new Foundation roundup coming soon!!

Again, I apologize for the lapse in posts from time to time but my schedule had been pretty busy over the last few months. I should have more free time in the future so hopefully I can keep up with the blog a little more!!


Thanks for reading!!

Xo, Lesley

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