MAC Baking Beauties – Pro Longwear Paint Pots: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Although Paint Pots are probably a familiar formula for you, Pro Longwear Paint Pots are fairly new… I’m not 100% sure of the change in formulas, but the Pro Longwear type DO seem to last a little longer than the original Paint Pot formula.

Anyway, there are a total of five Pro Longwear Paint Pots with the Baking Beauties collection… Three of these are brand new and limited edition, while Dangerous Cuvee and Let’s Skate are part of the permanent line (I will not be reviewing those in this post). The two I am not reviewing at this time add a bit more variety, though, since Let’s Skate is a “pale pink with pearl” and Dangerous Cuvee is a “frosted cool grey”. There is definitely something for everyone in this collection and Paint Pots are always a good product to get when there are new ones released!

Baking Beauties Pro Longwear Paint Pots

Pro Longwear Paint Pots are, according to MAC, “A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.” That’s a mouthful but it’s a very accurate description! They’re a cream eye shadow that can be used on their own or as a base for other eye shadows (like powder eye shadows or pigments). They blend easily and you have a bit of time to blend these out before they set. Once they’re set they will NOT budge or crease all day long! I like these because if I’m in a hurry I can pop one on all over my lid for some shimmer and color and be done. Since Pro Longwear Paint Pots are like a primer and eye shadow all in one, it takes out the step of applying a primer first, so that saves time and makes life a little easier. No matter how you apply these, you should get a long-lasting wear time of at least 8-12 hours.

There are a few different ways to apply these… If you want it to be pigmented and opaque all over your lid, either as a base or as your only eye shadow, I suggest a flat type of brush like a MAC 242, 252 (which is being promoted with this collection), a 249, or even a 287 flat duo-fibre brush. These will pack on the color and apply the product smoothly. To blend these Pro Longwear Paint Pots out, apply them more softly, or blend these into the crease, a MAC 217 is a good brush to use. Alternatively, if you’re using these as a liner or as a base for a liner, you can use any kind of liner brush! They’re so smooth that anything from a MAC 210, 212, 219 or 266 will work. My suggestion is to play around with brushes and see what works best for you!

All of these are available now and are limited edition. You can purchase these for $18.50 at your favorite MAC counter, store, or online at Pro Longwear Paint Pots contain 5 g / 0.17 US oz of product, which should last you quite a while!

TIP:   If you have ever had an issue with your Paint Pots drying out, store them upside down (label up), and that should keep them from drying out or shrinking. Same for Fluidlines! 😉

Baking Beauties Pro Longwear Paint Pot Labels

Pro Longwear Paint Pots swatches on NC15 skin. Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight.
Pro Longwear Paint Pots swatches on NC15 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight.

Eclair:   Eclair is described as a “light chocolate with gold pearl” and has a pearl finish. It’s a medium-dark, warm, rich, reddish, bronzed brown with a soft, golden frosted sheen. It’s kind of like the cream version of MAC’s Mulch eye shadow.

This was totally opaque and had amazing color payoff with very little product applied. It glided on like silk and set well but still gave enough time to blend out and soften the edges when I wore it all over my lid. I got a full 12 hours of wear with Eclair before any creasing or fading happened. If there’s only one Paint Pot that you get from this collection, this should be it! It’s versatile and flattering on everyone!

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:   5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5

Fancy Frosting

Fancy Frosting:   This Pro Longwear Paint Pot is a “frosted white”. It’s a light, cool white with a silvery-white, pearly shimmer. The type of shimmer particles in Fancy Frosting seem bigger than they are in other Paint Pots in this collection… It has a rougher, drier sort of texture than Eclair does and doesn’t apply as smoothly but still layers and wears well. You just have to take care to blend it out so the shimmer particles don’t stick together and look clumpy!

Fancy Frosting is really versatile… It can be layered for full opacity or worn more sheerly (like it is in the swatch above). It works as a base to brighten eye shadows or pigments worn over it (it works well under light, bright, pastel, and metallic colors), or it works well by itself as an all over lid color or a pop of a light shimmer on the inner corner of the eye. Since it’s versatile, the color payoff and opacity vary drastically depending on how you apply it! With a sheer or heavy application, I got around 8 hours of wear before I noticed any creasing or fading.

Overall Rating:   4.2 / 5

Application:   4

Coverage:   4

Color Payoff:   4

Texture:   3

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5


Mooncake:   Mooncake is a “warm beige” that contains small shimmer particles and has a soft frosted finish… It’s a light, warm golden beige that actually looks more sparkly/shimmery on than it does in the pot.

It has good coverage and color payoff but, like Fancy Frosting, can be applied sheerly or heavily, depending on your preference. Also like Fancy Frosting, the shimmer particles can cling to each other and look slightly heavy unless you blend this out. When I wore this on my lid I had no fading or creasing for about 12 hours.

Overall Rating:   4.3 / 5

Application:   4

Coverage:   4

Color Payoff:   4

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5

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