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I know it happens from time to time… I go MIA and return in full force with all the latest MAC collections… Well it’s true I’ve been MIA… Unfortunately I have had all of the newest MAC collections, photographed them and everything and planned on posting them but it all sort of fell through.

Recently my life has become extremely busy between working nearly full time and taking care of my terminally ill dog… My dog is my baby, she comes first and her cancer treatment comes first, so rather than spending my days off blogging, many have been spent at vets and specialists. I’m not looking for sympathy or a coming up with a cop-out, I’m just being honest. On the plus side, my big slobber monster (she’s a bullmastiff), Ava, is quite a trooper! She’s handling chemotherapy for her Mast Cell tumors pretty well and we’re expecting to have a bit of quality time left with her before she can’t handle any more or the cancer takes over and spreads further than her spleen. My boxer, Oliver, was also diagnosed within a week of Ava’s diagnosis, so that was rough too… Fortunately he only had one tumor that was easily removed and is now living cancer free and healthy as ever!

I love makeup… Cosmetics and makeup artistry are my passion and hobby and a huge part of my life. I feel like I need to get back to blogging to retain my sanity, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with it more easily from now on!

I am SO far behind with collections, so I’ll be posting them from oldest to newest… You can look forward to seeing posts on these MAC collections coming up over the next few days:

– Marilyn Monroe

– Temperature Rising

– Rihanna (all 3 lipsticks)

– All About Orange

– Tropical Taboo

and the latest…

– So Supreme


Again, thank you for your support and reading my blog.




  1. I’m so sorry about your Doggy 😦 My pup n cat r pretty much my children so i understand your desperation to get the doggy feeling better soon. I hope she pulls through, or at least has the most amazing last few days/weeks/months possible. Prayers n good vibes being sent your way *****

  2. Am an animal lover myself ,sorry to hear your beloved dog is so unwell ,hope u get quality time and that your dog is comfortable x

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