Coming this week: Catching up on MAC collections

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Okay so I haven’t had a chance to do this just yet, but I still have some time off so over this week and next week, I’ll be playing catch-up on some recent MAC collections. Although some may not still be available, I know some people want to see them and I’ll try my best to recommend dupes for everything!

Also, even though MAC’s Indulge collection will be released this Thursday, I unfortunately won’t be reviewing that one… Unless someone wants to buy it for me! My apologies, but money is a little tight lately and well, bills come first. Indulge is a really beautiful collection, so do try to check it out if you can! Some of the new eye shadows are especially nice.

Anyway, these will be the collection reviews going up:

– All About Orange

– Temperature Rising

– Rihanna Lipsticks

– Tropical Taboo

– Marilyn Monroe


Like I said, I know some are a bit outdated now but I have the photos and would like to help you find dupes for them if I can, so I hope you enjoy the posts anyway! Thanks for reading!


XO, Lesley


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