MAC – RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 – Superslick Eyeliners: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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There are two brand new Superslick Eye Liners out with the RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection and I’m super excited about them! I feel like this eyeliner formula is overlooked far too often, aside from the most popular color, On The Hunt, which is a rich, slick black. The two new colors, Cockiness and Pisces Persuasion, are unique and perfect for the holiday season, so be sure to check these out next time you’re at MAC!

RiRi Hearts MAC Superslick Liner & Box


The Superslick formula is water based but also water-resistant, though I’ve found these to be pretty much waterproof. According to MAC’s website, the formula “dries in 15 seconds to provide a sleek, longwearing, wet-look, no-smudge line”… That’s pretty accurate! The Superslick name definitely implies that this formula has a slick, wet look rather than the usual dull matte finish that so many water-resistant eye liners have. I like this because I feel like it draws more attention to the liner and adds something special to the entire look. Wear time is amazing… I get a minimum of 12 hours wear… Usually longer, like until I remove it! I love this because I wear contacts and have allergies, so my eyes water quite a bit. I’ve never had any issues with smudging or smearing with the Superslick liners so I definitely recommend these to anyone who has problems with their liquid liner wearing off too easily!

Packaging for these Superslicks goes along with the rest of the RiRi Hearts MAC collection, being the pearly white with rose gold accents and the signature “R” and “RiRi” on the packaging. The applicator is a super easy to use… “The superior no-fuss, no-wobble application lies in the “magic tip” of the easy-to-control dip-stick applicator”… It’s a somewhat stiff, but not hard, tapered, thin, marker-like tip that’s very easy to control and get anything from a thin, defined line to a big, thick wing with. Another option for application (if the marker tip isn’t your thing) is a MAC 210 or 263 synthetic angled brush… You can use the applicator to put a bit of the product onto a palette, then dip your brush into it. Although Superslicks are water-resistant, they are not recommended for use on the waterline (inner rim of the eye). The water-based formula takes too long to dry and will just end up getting into the eye and causing irritation.

Both of these Superslick Eye Liners were released on Thursday, December 12th and are available now at all MAC stores, counters, and online at As far as I know, Cockiness is still available online but Pisces Persuasion is sold out. They both seem to still be in stock at most counters and stores, though. Each of these liners sells for $20.50 and contains 1.8 ml / 0.06 US oz of product. That’s $1 more than the permanent ones, due to the beautiful special packaging, while they still contain the same amount of product.

NOTE:   I will most likely be redoing all of these photos this weekend once I find my black background. They’ll show up much better that way!

RiRI Holiday Superslick Labels

RiRi Superslick Liners


Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight (on a sort of cloudy day). Superslick Eye Liners swatched on NC15 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight (on a sort of cloudy day).
Superslick Eye Liners swatched on NC15 skin.

I will be adding a better swatch photo soon! This one was taken on a cloudy day and doesn’t show how pigmented and opaque these really are… Sorry! I’ll have the new pic up tomorrow hopefully!


Cockiness:   This Superslick Eye Liner is a “shimmery rose gold”… It’s a very glittery, frosty, medium, warm rose gold with multidimensional copper, pink, and pearly gold shimmer particles. Though it looks somewhat sheer swatched, it applies more heavily to the eye. With one to two dips into the tube (for a pretty thick wing), I get great color payoff and coverage.

One fun thing about Cockiness is that you can make this stand out a bit more by applying it over a darker liquid eye liner like a black, dark brown, dark copper, purple, or blue. I’ve tried it over MAC Fluidlines like Blacktrack, Dipdown, Rich Ground, Macroviolet, and Waveline and it transforms them all to something really unique and beautiful! You can even apply a thinner line of Cockiness over your other liquid liner for a fun, multicolored wing.

Dupes:   I can’t think of anything that’s terribly close to Cockiness… The permanent gold Superslick Eye Liner, Pure Show, is a much lighter, much more yellow gold without any glitter. Rich Ground Fluidline is also much darker and more of a coppery brown.

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:  5

Packaging:   5

Pisces Persuasion
Pisces Persuasion

Pisces Persuasion:   MAC describes this liner as a “shimmery white”… It’s a light, cool toned white with a gorgeous silvery, pearly shimmer and a very frosted, glittery finish. Like Cockiness, this didn’t swatch as pigmented and opaque as it actually is… While the coverage isn’t as heavy as Cockiness, it does have good color/product payoff with not much product applied. You may have to apply more than one layer of Pisces Persuasion to achieve fully opaque coverage, but it applies smoothly and layers easily, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Like Cockiness, you can have a lot of fun layering Pisces Persuasion over other liquid liners… I’ve been trying this over all kinds of MAC Fluidlines and other Superslicks to create really fun, different looks. Another trick you can do with this liner is to tap the applicator on the very tips of your upper lashes for a festive glitter lash for the holidays… It almost looks like you have glittery little snowflakes at the tips of your lashes!

Dupes:   I honestly can’t think of any… There’s nothing out there from MAC or any other brands that I know of that’s anywhere close to Pisces Persuasion.

Overall Rating:   4.7 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  4

Color Payoff:   4

Texture:   5

Wear Time:  5

Packaging:   5

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