MAC – RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 – Makeup Bag: Photos and Review

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This bag is probably my favorite part of the whole RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection… I’m not really a makeup bag fanatic… I have a few that I switch between depending on what purse I’m carrying and the season, but I’m not the type that buys every new, cute bag that comes out. To me, a makeup bag is a necessity and is more for function than fashion, fortunately, the RiRi Hearts MAC bag meets all of my requirements for function and is pretty on top of that!

RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 Bag 1


RiRi Bag 2

This bag is a beautiful metallic pink, going along with one of the accent colors featured in most of the RiRi Hearts MAC collections. The zipper pull on the bag is a gorgeous rose gold and the fabric is made from a high quality, quilted material. What I love about that is that it’s actually slightly padded! I’ve dropped mine several times (I’m clumsy!) and none of my powders have broken as they have in some other bags I’ve carried. The bag also has a small handle on the side, so it’s easy to carry around or pull out of your bag.

RiRi Bag Zipper Pull

On the inside, there’s a silky fabric that’s a pretty light pink with pearly colored writing with the “RiRi <3’s MAC” logo on it. The bag also has a small, thin, clear plastic pocket on one side of the interior that’s perfect for slipping pencils or small brushes into so they won’t roll around and get lost.

RiRi Bag Interior 1

The dimensions for this bag are 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″, so this bag is small enough to fit into a medium to large purse and can hold everything you need from day to day basics, a night out, or even a weekend trip! I played around with what all I could get in there and I managed to fit a travel brush set, liquid foundation, powder compact, blush, mascara, lipstick, lip pencil, eye liner and a small sample perfume! The shape is great too because it’s somewhat stiff, deep, squared off, and won’t get all floppy and make the items inside move around too much.

Overall, this is my favorite makeup bag I’ve ever had and I definitely recommend picking it up while supplies last!

This is limited edition but still seems to be available at most counters and stores as well as online. The RiRi Hearts MAC bag sells for $40.


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