New posts up asap and introducing Collection Catch Up!

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Since real life and work has gotten in the way of my free time to blog, I’m going to be doing a new type of post called Collection Catch Up.

These are going to be recent, but not necessarily the most current MAC collections. Since limited edition collections tend to sell out incredibly quickly, I’m doing this so everyone can at least take a peek at the products. I’m also hoping to be able to do my homework and find the perfect dupes for everything!

I haven’t been getting every single thing from every collection lately since financially, that’s completely unrealistic to do any more. BUT I’ve been trying to get the products that I know will be most popular so I can review them, swatch them and try to find dupes.

I realize how ridiculous it can be trying to get your hands on these limited products… Working for MAC, I see the lines full of people who are so excited about the new collections, which is awesome, but I know that’s something that breaks the heart of people who have their mind set on one or two really special things from those collections. I totally get it too! It’s hard to get in line bright and early on the day of release because a lot of people have to work or take their kids to school or something like that… I actually experienced this myself the other day when the MAC Osbourne collection was released in store and at counter. I was off that day and out running errands anyway, so I went by the store at 10, when they opened, and they were sold out of the lipsticks and blushes pretty much immediately! I was bummed! I’m not one to go crazy over limited products or packaging, but there was one lipstick I was totally in love with.

So yeah, basically, I will try my best to post current collections the day of release if I’m off work, or within a few days. If I can’t do that, I’ll be adding them to my Collection Catch Up list and will be reviewing them as soon as I can 🙂

Thank you all for your patience… Be sure to check back soon (hopefully this week) for posts on MAC Maleficent, Alluring Aquatic, and Sharon & Kelly Osbourne!




    1. I get this question a lot… It’s first come, first serve. While all MAC locations tend to limit the amount of a product that someone can buy (typically one SKU per person), when there is a line of people ahead of you, they’re going to get them first. I work during releases a lot and for big collections, people will get there sometimes hours before the store opens so they can get their hands on the products that they want before anyone else does! Most limited collections are just that… Very limited, so MAC doesn’t ship a large amount of product to each location because there’s never a lot of it made. When I got to the store when the Osbournes collection was released to buy some of it myself, I was about the 10th person in line, so they sold out before I could get any. It’s unfortunately just how it works with limited releases!

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