Collection Catch Up – MAC Maleficent – Natural Beauty Powder: Photos, Swatches and Review

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Although this collection was released about a month ago, some of the items from this MAC & Disney collaboration still seem to be available at most locations… This gorgeous Beauty Powder is one of them! Beauty Powders are one of my favorite products that MAC releases sometimes, so I was super excited when I found out that there would be one released with the Maleficent collection. These are multi-use and this particular color works well on most skin tones… I’ll explain more further into this post, so keep reading 😉


Maleficent Beauty Powder 1

Beauty Powders are a super finely milled type of powder that doesn’t quite have shimmer, but has a barely-there pearl effect that gives you a soft, subtle glow anywhere that you apply it. This color, Natural, works best on fair to medium or medium-dark skin tones. I like to use this as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, down the center of my nose, on the center of my forehead just above the brow, and on my cupid’s bow for a gentle type of highlight. I also use this under my eyes to set my concealer and help brighten that area, since this is a perfect pale, peachy pink. You can also use this as an eye shadow, or all over your face if you’d like to add an ethereal type of radiance to your skin. This powder formula is not part of the permanent lineup, but I sure do wish it was! Out of all the products in the Maleficent collection, this is the most unique and usable one, in my opinion. To use this as a highlighter, I suggest a somewhat dense, but fluffy, powder brush like a MAC 116. If you want to apply it more heavily, but still be able to blend it out (like under the eye area), I like to use something smaller and more dense, like a MAC 227 brush.

The packaging for this Beauty Powder is like the rest of the Maleficent collection and has a shiny black plastic with the wings and title logo on the lid. Rather than a clear top, this has a solid lid with a mirror inside. The box is also shiny black and shows the logo.

As I mentioned, Beauty Powders are limited edition, and while this was released on Thursday, May 15th, it’s still available online at and at most stores and counters that I know of. It contains 10 g / 0.35 US oz of product and sells for $30.

Maleficent Beauty Powder Box

Maleficent Beauty Powder Packaging w Mirror


Maleficent Beauty Powder Label


Photo taken outdoors in natural light on a cloudy day. Beauty Powder swatched on NC20 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural light on a cloudy day.
Beauty Powder swatched on NC20 skin.

Natural:   This Beauty Powder is a “soft peachy pink” with a natural, but glowing type of finish… It’s a pale, neutral to warm, cream color with peachy pink undertones and an almost satin finish… It’s a finish that looks like your skin, but after you’ve had a facial and a really good run and slathered on some amazing moisturizing and you’re glowing from inside… Does that make any sense at all? I hope so, because it’s so unique it’s difficult to describe haha. The color payoff is true to pan color, but because the coverage is somewhat sheer, it doesn’t turn out so intensely light, making it the perfect highlighter for many skin tones! Wear time is awesome… I use this under my eyes to set my concealer and as a highlighter and either way, I get all day wear with no fading on the face or creasing under the eye area. The texture is amazing too… It feels so incredibly silky and luxurious!

Dupes:   Okay so this is where the bad news is… I can’t find anything permanent, from MAC or any other brands, that seems to compare to the epicness that is Natural Beauty Powder! The closest thing I’ve found is the limited edition Beauty Powder, Forever Marilyn, from MAC’s Marilyn Monroe collection 😦 On the plus side, I bet you’ll be able to find Natural pretty easily! I know for a fact that it’s still available online, as of today, June 18th!

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5


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