Collection Catch Up – MAC Maleficent – Sculpting Powder: Photos, Swatches and Review

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As you may have noticed, a few of the products with this collection are permanent, including the Sculpting Powder. The reason for this is because this is one of the products that was actually used on Angelina Jolie in the Maleficent movie! Even though this was released about a month ago, you may still find it at some locations… If not I’ve included details about how you can get this product anytime, so keep reading!

Sorry for the bad quality photo, I had no electricity when I took this so I had no studio lighting like usual!
Sorry for the bad quality photo, I had no electricity when I took this so I had no studio lighting like usual!

MAC Sculpting Powders are matte powders that are made in shades that are perfect for a natural, yet defined contour. They’re well pigmented, but not completely intense and opaque, so they’re easy to apply and blend. While there are a total of five shades available for MAC’s Sculpting Powders, This one, Sculpt, is perfect for skin tones ranging from fair to medium or maybe even medium-dark if you apply it heavily enough. It really is my favorite contouring product of all time and is something I’ve been using for years prior to this repromote with the Maleficent collection.

When contouring, most people tend to use this type of product right below the cheekbone, around the hairline and temples, along the jawline, and sometimes on the nose (I will try to do a contouring tutorial video one day soon). The best way to apply these is with a somewhat dense, but fluffy brush. My favorites are MAC’s 109 Small Contour Brush, or the 168 Large Angled Brush… I feel like for most people, the 109 will give you more control and be pretty much foolproof, even for beginners. The 168 will apply this product more lightly, but it is harder to control and create shape with since it’s larger and less dense. This is best applied over whatever powder you set your foundation with… So you want to use this after your powder, but before your blush.

While this particular packaging for this product is limited edition, Sculpt Sculpting Powder is a permanent product. Like the rest of the makeup in this collection, the Sculpting Powder has a shiny black plastic container with the wings and title logo on the lid. The box is also a shiny black, rather than the usual matte texture. The limited packaging increases the price a tiny bit, but if you’re into the cute packaging, it’s totally worth it!

The Maleficent collection was released on Thursday, May 15th, so this is available now at counters, stores, and online at, if it’s still in stock, anyway. Last time I checked online, this was sold out but restocks are occasionally possible, and some stores and counters may still have it in stock. You can also always purchase this in refill form online and at PRO locations. This Sculpting Powder contains 6 g / 0.21 US oz of product and sells for $23… If you purchase this in refill form, it costs $16.50, but you must have a palette to put it in since it’s only the metal pan.


Maleficent Sculpting Powder Box

Maleficent Sculpting Powder Label

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Sculpt powder swatched on NC20 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight.
Sculpt powder swatched on NC20 skin.

Sculpt:   This Sculpting Powder is described as a “soft taupe matte”… It’s a medium to medium-dark, slightly cool toned but mostly neutral, brownish taupe with a natural matte finish. The texture is smooth for a matte, making it easy to blend out so there are no harsh lines. Color payoff is true to pan, while coverage varies, depending on what you apply this with… It can be anything from light and sheer to bold and opaque. Wear time is fantastic and I never notice it fading until 10-12 hours have gone by, sometimes even longer!

Dupes:   Since this is permanent, I don’t feel like it’s completely necessary to list a ton of dupes, but I’ll give you a few! Harmony Blush from MAC is close, but is warmer/more pink. Hoola from benefit is also close, but is darker and warmer, more like a bronzer (which it is).

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5


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