MAC – Kelly Osbourne – 183SE Flat Buffer Brush: Photos and Review

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I was so incredibly excited when I saw that MAC was finally releasing an awesome brush with one of their limited collections! I’ve been wanting a brush like this SO badly, though I couldn’t find the perfect one, but here it is at last! This collection, collaborating with the ladies of the Osbourne family, Sharon and Kelly, came out at counters and stores last Thursday, June 12th, and online the week before… While many products sold out quickly, I know that this brush is still available at some stores and counters where I live, so I imagine that applies to nearly everywhere. It is, unfortunately, sold out online, so I suggest calling around to your nearest MAC locations if you want to find this brush… And trust me, it’s worth going on a hunt for!




MAC Brushes are super high quality, with this one being no exception! According to MAC’s description, it’s a “short-handle buffer brush made of lush, dense fibres in a circular shape with flat-topped head. Ideal for applying and blending bronzers and powders to any part of the body. Features an aluminum ferrule, which also performs as the handle”…  This brush is perfect for applying any type of setting powder, loose powder, powder foundation, highlighter, or bronzers to both the face and body.

It’s flat top and round shape, packed full of natural fibers, make this wonderful for getting great coverage by stippling a powder product onto the skin, while it’s fluffiness makes it fantastic for buffing things out. Even though this is a fairly large brush, it’s still easy to control for areas of the face, so you don’t just have to use this on the body! The 183SE has replaced my previously favorite 181 Kabuki buffing brush as my go to powder brush… I’ve actually been using this on a daily basis to apply my Mineralize Loose Powder Foundation (which I use over Face & Body) for a perfectly flawless, airbrushed looking finish! Then, once I apply my bronzer and blush, I use the 183SE brush to buff around the edges of everything and soften any harsh lines… I swear this brush is like a magic wand!

The handle for this brush is the same light violet color that coordinates with the other products from the Kelly part of the Osbournes collection. It also has her red signature on the ferrule/handle.

The 183SE (special edition) brush is limited edition and available now (if it’s still in stock) online at as well as at stores and counters. As I mentioned, last I saw, the 183SE brush is sold out online, but I know that there are several stores and counters in the Los Angeles area that have it in stock, so I imagine that many other locations all over the country do as well. This brush sells for $58, which is about average for brushes this size.


Kelly 183SE Brush 2
183 SE

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:   5

Fiber Quality:   5

Softness:   5

Size:   5

Packaging:   5

TIP:   Make sure that you spot clean this brush before using it, as MAC brushes have a very light, protective coating to help them keep their shape during shipping.

To clean and sanitize this brush, I suggest using MAC’s Brush Cleanser… It comes in a squeeze bottle, but I prefer to put it into a spray bottle so it doesn’t waste so much cleanser… To spot clean (I try to do this daily or every other day), you simply spray the brush itself or a paper towel, then gently swipe the brush around on the paper towel until you don’t notice any color or product coming off of the brushl. The Brush Cleanser dries quickly too, so you can use the brush again a few moments after cleaning if you need to. The wonderful thing about MAC’s Brush Cleanser is that it sanitizes, removes buildup from product and the natural oils in your skin, and lightly conditions the brush so it will last you a lifetime! I’ve had my MAC brushes for 10+ years, so I can attest to this being the perfect method for caring for your makeup brushes!

To deep clean, which I try to do with my personal brushes once or twice a month, you can mix some Brush Cleanser with water and a gentle soap, like Dr Bronner’s unscented baby formula pure castle soap, in a small bowl… After mixing this up, dampen your brush under running, lukewarm water, then dip just the tip into the soapy cleanser mixture… Holding the brush with the fibers facing downwards (always), you want to gently swirl it around in your hand, then rinse and squeeze out the excess water until there’s no dirty water or soapy residue coming from the brush. Once you see that it’s nice and clean, make sure you softly squeeze out all the moisture you can (I like to wrap a paper towel around it when doing this to absorb as much as possible), while still holding it upside down, then lay if flat to dry. Don’t EVER turn a brush right-side/bristles/fibers up while it’s still damp… This can cause water to get into the ferrule and destroy the glue and wood that holds the brush together! If you treat your brushes well, they’ll do the same for you!

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