Update: New posts coming soon… MAC, Melt, and more!

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Oh hi there again!

I finally have some down time after getting settled into my new home in Oklahoma so I’m preparing some new posts for all of you!

I know I’m waaaaay behind on MAC collections, and there are a few that I got some items from, photographed and swatched, but never got to posting them due to the previous insanity that I was living! Now I know they’re a bit outdated, but since they were limited products, I’m still going to make posts for them as Collection Catch Ups so I can help you all find the perfect dupes! With some of these, I got the products and never got to photographing them before use since I had to wear them to work, so you’ll have to excuse the fact that some of the Lipsticks and stuff won’t be beautiful and brand new… But hey, at least they’re on here!

Upcoming posts will include:

– Moody Blooms: Eye Shadows, Fluidlines, and Beauty Powder Blushes

– Viva Glam Rihanna 2: Lipstick and Lipglass

– Mineralize Blush Expansions

– Pro Lipstick Shade Expansions (these were permanent at Pro locations only but are now at all stores and partner locations)

– A Novel Romance: Blushes, Eye Shadow Quads, Lipglasses, and Lipsticks

– Artificially Wild: Eye Shadows, Blushes and a few of the Lipsticks

– The Matte Lip: Lipsticks, new permanent Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, and new permanent Pro Longwear Blushes

– Heirloom Mix (Holiday 2014 Color collection): Mineralize Blushes and a few Lipsticks

For more current collections and other products I’ve recently picked up, I’ll be making these posts:

– MAC Nasty Gal: Lipsticks

– Melt Dark Room Lipstick

– Lime Crime Velvetines: Wicked, Salem, Black Velvet, Utopia, Red Velvet and Suedeberry

– Lime Crime Lipsticks: Styletto, Chinchilla, Poisonberry, and Coquette

In addition to posts for new MAC collections and other products that are limited edition, I’ll be doing random posts on products that are part of MAC’s permanent lineup! Of course these are things that I’ve probably had for a while, so the photos won’t be of brand new, unused, perfect Lipsticks and all, but I really want to share my ginormous collection with people, especially since they’re things you can get your hands on all the time… My desk/makeup station and kit are practically like having my own little MAC store, so I hate for all of it to be kept hidden from the world of fellow makeup addicts and artists!

If you all have any suggestions for how you’d like to see the MAC permanent posts formatted, like favorites, color families, finishes, etc, let me know in the comments section!

I may throw some real life blogs in the mix from time to time, or start doing nail polish/outfit/accessory/shoe of the day/week/whatever posts, so you’ll be seeing some changes and hopefully you’ll enjoy them!

Thanks for reading 🙂




    1. I might post a video of it one of these days when I have a YouTube channel up and running! I just don’t typically like to do those type of things because I hate for people to take it as bragging or showing off. I may show my makeup station and professional kit, though.

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