Melt Dark Room Lipstick: Photos, Swatches and Review

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Dark Room is the most recent addition to Melt’s lineup of lipsticks, and while it was released quite some time ago, it was limited at the time and only became permanent in the past few months. I didn’t want to review this when it was limited, since they would sell out so quickly, but here it is now! (Pardon the photos, I had to retake them after using it due to losing my memory card).

Melt is a 100% cruelty-free, mostly vegan brand (Dark Room is one of their vegan shades), which is one of the main reasons I’m so into it! These cost a little more than MAC, but I don’t mind paying extra for such high quality products, especially when it’s a small business that I’m supporting. Melt is great too because they’ve created bold colors that are really unique and not available from most other brands.

Dark Room
Dark Room


Dark Room feels like the original lipstick formula from Melt (as opposed to the one seen with Blow that had more or a sheen). The matte texture is creamy when applied, so there’s little to no drag on the lips, but feels drier once it sets a few moments later. This lipstick is highly pigmented so there’s no need to layer the product to get phenomenal color payoff and opaque coverage. These lipsticks have a light, sweet, vanilla like scent that almost reminds me of macarons, but no taste.

Since these are super matte, I do suggest priming your lip with something before application, especially if you tend to have dry lips anyway. This will hide any chapped areas, make the lipstick last longer and make application much smoother. My favorite is Prep + Prime Lip from MAC… It’s a must have with any matte lipsticks!

The tube for these lipsticks is simple and sleek… It’s a matte black tube with the cute, classy purple “melt.” logo on the cap.

Melt Lipstick Tube

Melt lipsticks are available online at They sell for $19 each but they’re well worth it. They have that high-end feel and it takes very little product to get full coverage. Shipping is an additional $7 no matter how many lipstick you purchase (I suggest getting more than one lipstick to make it worth your money for shipping), but that’s for priority shipping so it gets to you very quickly! It only took about 3 days from the time I placed my order to the time I received my lipstick here in Oklahoma.

Photo taken outdoors on a cloudy day. Lipstick swatched on NC15 skin.
Photo taken outdoors on a cloudy day.
Lipstick swatched on NC15 skin.
Dark Room
Dark Room

Dark Room:   This lipstick is a medium to dark (depending on how heavily you apply it), slightly cool toned, raspberry color. On me, it tends to lean more pinkish if I apply it lightly, but that’s because I have very pigmented lips. Using a liner can alter and deepen Dark Room, if you like. The texture is somewhat creamy when it’s applied, but the finish dries down to a true, velvety matte. Color payoff is lighter on the lips than in the tube, but it can be layered to achieve more color. Coverage is completely opaque with little product applied. As far as wear time goes, I got 6+ hours without a liner, and closer to 8 with one, only noticing some fading in the center of my lip. Dark Room will stain slightly, so it’s not too noticeable when your lipstick begins to fade.

Liners:   There’s a number of liners that you can use with Dark Room… These are all Lip Pencils from MAC and I’ll list them from lightest to darkest: Half-Red, BeetCurrant, Vino, and Nightmoth.

Dupes:   Rebel from MAC is the most similar shade I can think of, though it can look deeper and have a more purple undertone on some people. It’s also a Satin, so it doesn’t have the same texture.

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5


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  1. This is the first and only lipstick I have bought from them and I LOVE it. Such an underrated company. You should pick up one of their quads. Amazing

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