Dear readers… Thank you!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post and say thank you to all the new people following my blog, and to all of my old followers who I see liking my recent posts, despite the fact that I disappeared for a while! I noticed that my blog has been getting a LOT more reads lately and I appreciate that SO very much! Nothing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside quite like waking up to see that I already have like a bazillion views on a new post that I made the night before 🙂

I am afraid that you will be stuck with me from here on out, so I hope that’s alright! Unless I go on some crazy vacation sometime (which will pretty much never happen), I’m back to stay now that I’m all nice and settled in back in Oklahoma! My puppy is growing up enough that I actually have time to sit down in front of a computer more often now too, so that’s making my life as a makeup blogger much easier!

I’m not really sticking with a set day of the week for posts, but I’ll be making them every other day to twice a week… It just depends on my schedule. I’ve discovered how much more fun it is to do this blog now that I’m not pressuring myself so much to get a certain thing done on a certain day! It seems like every time I make a schedule to post something specific, some real life emergency comes up and I end up feeling SO bad that I didn’t post something when I said I would (thanks, OCD). I’m thinking that on the weekends, I’ll be doing a post or two for products that are new or really popular at the moment, or a grouped product post (like several lipsticks at once from the same collection)… Other than that, posts will mostly be broken down to ONE color of ONE product at a time. That way, it’s not as time consuming for me overall, but I’ll also be able to go more in depth with that review and not feel the need to rush through it to make some GIANT post in one afternoon! I feel like that will work out for the best, and will also give you all more posts to read more often!

I will definitely try to keep up with new products and launches, but I don’t have the funds for EVERY single item from a MAC collection and things like that any longer, since I do pay for everything on this blog out of pocket. You’ll also be seeing more drug store brands like Milani, NYX, and Revlon, because I understand that not everyone has the spare money to go out and buy a $30 blush or $50 foundation and I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who seems like an elitist makeup snob, because I’m not! Makeup is makeup and if it’s great stuff, I want to share that with all of you, regardless of the label or price tag!

In other news, I recently got a camera suitable for vlogging as well as a ring light, so you’ll get to see my face and hear me rambling about product reviews and tutorials on YouTube soon! Now that I’ll have an awesome lighting setup, I’ll also be posting pictures of my own makeup looks on here more often, like a MOTD/FOTD/whatever you want to call it.

I hope all of that’s cool with you guys! If there’s any questions, suggestions, or things you’d like to see more of on here PLEASE tell me in the comments! I created this blog to share my love of makeup with the world, so what you all think means a lot to me!



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