Real Life Update: New job and upcoming posts!

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I’m sure you all are like “Where did Lesley go this time?”, and yes, I’ve been MIA, but it’s because I started working for MAC again recently so my schedule has been hectic!

I’m really, really excited to be doing makeup again and getting to play with all of MAC’s new, awesome products! Obviously makeup is a passion of mine, so I’m happy to be part of MAC’s family after relocating back to Oklahoma and having to leave my job with them when I had to move. I honestly love this job SO much, and it’s even better that I’m now working at the counter where I fell in love with MAC and makeup in general. I learned so much at this counter and now I get to pass on that knowledge to the next generation of our customers!

That said, I’ll be preparing posts on my days off that will post once or twice a week, one on Sundays and likely one on Wednesdays. My apologies for having a serious lack of posts lately but taking this job was an opportunity that came up suddenly and I’ve been fully dedicating myself to my work!

A few new products I’ve picked up lately are the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks, LORAC’s Unzipped and Unzipped Gold eye shadow palettes, as well as a few Becca and The Balm Highlighters, and of course new MAC products!! There’s lots of fun stuff to look forward to, I promise it will be worth the wait!

Thanks again for reading and for your patience ❤




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