Hello again! Big changes coming soon!

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Hi everyone!

As you’ve probably noticed, the break I took was a little longer than expected… Work has been insane but SO inspiring, so in a way, it’s been a good thing!

The main thing I want to address in this post is that this blog will now be using the web address http://www.lesleymakeup.com rather than my good ‘ole lesleyrocksface name. The reason for this is that lesleyrocksface is my personal instagram which is just that… My personal life. It’s not all makeup, it probably has some of my pets on there that weird people out, but hey, that’s my thing… If you dig it, that’s awesome and keep following, but if not…

I will be using the name lesley_makeup on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and (coming soon) YouTube! So make sure you follow/add/subscribe/whatever to all of those accounts to get daily peeks at the girlier parts of my life as well as makeup looks and updates for what will be posted on here!

Also, don’t forget to bookmark http://www.lesleymakeup.com as the new address for this blog!

As always, thanks for reading, and be prepared for all kinds of new awesomeness in 2016!



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