Update: I’m baaaack!! And there are some changes around here!

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I hope you all have started 2017 with good health & good vibes!

I’ve been away for a while (real life/family/personal things), but I’m back and will NOT be going anywhere anytime soon! I’ve missed sharing my love for makeup with all of you so much, and this is such a great way to explore my passion for makeup in a different way other than just being an artist… Plus, it’s a great excuse for me to buy all kinds of new products 😉

Anyway, you may notice that the address for this blog is now lesleymakeup rather than lesleyrocksface… This is because lesley_makeup is what I’m using for my makeup related Twitter, Instagram, and soon to be YouTube channel, while lesleyrocksface is what I use for my personal Instagram, which is mostly just my creepy reptilian pets and my dog (just warning you if you want to follow on there too). And yes, I’m finally going to try the Youtube thing. I’m honestly pretty nervous, due to the fact that I’m a total introvert and can be, or at least feel, a little awkward around people or in front of a camera, but I think everyone is like that to some degree so I’m going to try to embrace it and put myself out there!

Please be sure to subscribe to this blog OR follow @lesley_makeup on Twitter for updates on posts! I’m shooting for a small post on Wednesdays and a larger, more anticipated product (or something like that) on Saturdays. I’ll also be posting swatches, previews for posts, and looks done on myself on IG, so go follow @lesley_makeup on there too!

I’m so looking forward to this new start and doing this based more on what I’m really feeling and what I’m passionate about. I have a lot more free time now due to changes with my job(s) and things that have happened in my own life lately, so I feel much more relaxed and not so pressured to have to keep up with a blog in addition to so many other things! It got a bit tiring for a while, which is why I needed a break.

Thank you all for sticking around and reading!! If you all have any features you’d like to see added to this blog, format changes, or any ideas really, please comment below! I hope you all are ready for tons of new posts coming up!




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