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I feel like everyone is after the perfect glow these days, so I couldn’t resist picking up one of the newer shades of Jeffree Star’s Skin Frosts! If you read my last review for Peach Goddess, King Tut, and Ice Cold, you know how much of a fan of this formula I am. I have NEVER felt such a buttery textured highlighter formula that applies so evenly and also wears so well. Another great thing about Siberian Gold and pretty much all of the Skin Frosts I’ve tried will work on ALL skin tones (aside from a few of the more colorful or deeply pigmented ones that are more for fun anyway)! And I mean this is suitable for everyone from myself, who in MAC terms is NC10-NC15, all the way up to deeper skin tones like NC/NW 50 or 55+. It all depends on your own preference and the way you apply it, but Siberian Gold shouldn’t make anyone look washed out or be too obvious, unless you want it to be! To be honest, I’m pretty sure I need them all, but for now we’ll just chat about Siberian Gold…

We’ll start with the basics: This Skin Frost is a permanent shade and is available on It sells for $29 and contains 15g / 0.53oz of product, which is a major value, considering that Becca’s Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector costs $38 and only contains 8g / 0.28oz, and MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish costs $33 and contains 10g / 0.35oz of product… There are oodles of other highlighters that are smaller and cost more too. As far as ingredients go, Siberian Gold is vegan, talc-free, gluten-free, paraben-free and best of all, cruelty-free!

Warning: I’m going to get pretty in-depth with this review because it’s a product I really believe in as a makeup lover and makeup artist alike, which is rare because I’m super picky, so be prepared! If you don’t want all of the little details and application tips, please scroll down to the pics and summary!




The Skin Frost formula is very finely milled and has a soft, buttery texture to it so you’re able to blend it out or build it up and layer it easily. I would describe the texture to be somewhat like Becca’s Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector and the highlighters in Anastasia’s Glow Kits, only this typically feels less dry and more luxurious! Another major plus to this formula, for me anyway, is that it doesn’t break me out. I have very sensitive skin that’s prone to getting those pesky, irritated bumps that are more of an allergic reaction than acne, alllllll over any area where I use certain products like highlighters. These are the type of bumps that can turn into little bitty whiteheads… I’m not sure if you know what I mean but if you’ve had it happen, you know how horrible they are! Anyway, this happens for me with most products that contain micro-shimmer particles, whether it’s a liquid or a powder. I’m not sure exactly which ingredient is the culprit but I have purchased SO many highlighters that have done that to me and it’s always such a bummer. Fortunately, none of the four Skin Frosts I own cause that reaction, so thank you, Jeffree Star, for using quality ingredients that are sensitive skin friendly!

You get a TON of product in the pan (almost twice as much as most highlighters on the market), and Skin Frosts come in some seriously sturdy, yet still girly, barbie-pink packaging. On the inside of the lid there is a very clear, legit (as in not that flimsy stuff that distorts and gets scratched and crackled looking) mirror that’s plenty big enough to do your full face while on the go or traveling. Because the Skin Frost formula can be a slightly fragile, I feel like the packaging is heavier and more hardcore than most so it can serve as a pink suit of armor. I’ve dropped mine a few times and haven’t had any of them break yet, but I could see it potentially happening… This is nothing new for any type or brand of highlighter, though. It’s common due to the creamy, finely milled formulas that highlighters use and it’s nothing to deter you from giving this a go! I also love how the logo is stamped onto the product and surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to fade quickly, even with frequent use. I don’t usually love stamped products, but this is done in a very demure and classy way.






In my experience, Skin Frosts apply best with a small-ish, preferably tapered, somewhat dense, fluffy brush like Anastasia’s A23, Real Techniques Setting Brush (the one with the pink handle), or MAC’s 133 Brush. Used dry, they give you anything from a light, subtle glow up to something more intense, depending on how much you apply and layer the Skin Frost (you can even layer different colors for a more dimensional effect). Another way to get a softer, more natural highlight is to use a dry, fluffy fan brush like a MAC 184 (from MAC Pro or online) or any other soft fan brush (even craft stores sell some good ones in the art department). If you don’t have a fan brush, you can also just apply the Skin Frost with less product and a lighter hand using the brushes I already mentioned.

If you want that mega glowing, almost metallic, goddess-from-another-planet type of highlight that can practically be seen from space, you can spray your brush with something like MAC’s Fix + Spray AFTER swiping your brush through the highlighter and picking up a good amount of product… If you spray your brush first, your brush may be too damp and you can end up with that icky crusty buildup on your highlighter that will make it difficult to use later on. That’s not something unique to Skin Frosts, though… It will happen with any type of powder that you swipe a wet brush over. Anyway, used damp, this will look even more dramatic and glam if you feel like you need to be a little extra that day! The versatility with Skin Frosts is one of the qualities I love about them most, especially as a makeup artist who needs good multitaskers in my kit.

Now for the only negative thing I have to say about Skin Frosts in general… These are not great for very oily areas of the face, but this applies to ANY highlighter! You’ll want to avoid any areas that get slick and shiny, such as the nose, forehead, chin, or apples of the cheeks. It will emphasize the bad kind of shine and not wear as well as it does on a less oily part of the face like the tops of the cheekbones, eyes, or lips. Also, if you have very large pores or serious amounts of texture, highlighters also emphasize that sort of thing. Just be sure to keep it away from those type of areas and you’ll be golden (literally).

Pro Tip & Uses: 

You can use Skin Frosts for MANY things! Need an inner corner highlight for your eyes? Pop this baby on with a small brush like a MAC 219 or a Real Techniques Detailer Brush (gold handle) or Accent Brush (purple handle). If you’re wearing this on your lid, it will apply more highly pigmented and bold if you use your finger to tap it on, which is stunning with a halo eye! Otherwise I like to use a flat shader brush like a MAC 239 or for the lid and brow bone areas for a dry application, or a MAC 242 for a damp application. As I mentioned, you can layer this product, whether it’s with other Skin Frosts or highlighters, or even over a blush if you need that cheek to really gleam! (not necessarily recommended on the apple of the cheek if you’re oily). Using a fluffier brush like a MAC 224 or even one of the larger highlighter brushes I mentioned, you can also swipe this down the bridge of the nose and onto the tip, just like any other highlighter. It wears well even in those areas! A little bit on the cupid’s bow will give you a glowy, more pouty look… Speaking of the lips, after putting on your lipstick/balm/whatever, you can apply this onto the center of the lips using a small brush (fluffy or dense, depending on the intensity you desire) or your finger to emphasize that pucker! Oh and did I mention how cool this looks all over on TOP of lipstick or under a gloss for a metallic lip? Because there’s that too… Like I said, this is one of the best multitasking products I’ve ever purchased or used, so it’s a must have for any makeup lover! Even if it’s not this particular shade, I definitely recommend at least checking out a Skin Frost.






Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Siberian Gold snatched on MAC NC15 skin.

Siberian Gold:   This is described as a “soft pale champagne gold”, which is spot on! It’s a light, soft gold with subtle champagne color and a slightly warm undertone. The finish can be anywhere from a natural glow to full blown metallic, depending on how you apply it (see above application tips). The texture is super smooth and buttery, which makes Siberian Gold very easy to apply no matter how you use it. Color payoff varies, also depending on how much you apply, but it reflects (get it?!) the color in the pan very well. Coverage is the same deal… If you want, it can be full cover and metallic as a shadow or something like that, or it can be barely there as a super soft highlight. It wears well all day with little fading. On the eyes, I like to apply this over a primer like a MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot to make sure it stays in place and I get 8-12 hours of wear like that. Like any shimmery product, it can fade more quickly and crease if you wear it in the actual crease, so I don’t necessarily recommend doing that. On the face as a highlight, it lasts 10-14 hours on the tops of my cheekbones, with fading beginning around the 8-10 hour mark. It fades very evenly without looking patchy, though, so you don’t have to worry about random highlighter blobs on your face! On the nose, I notice fading around the 6-10 hour mark, depending on how oily or hot I am that day, but it doesn’t seem to get patchy in that area either.

Dupes:   The closest Skin Frost I have to Siberian Gold is King Tut, which is darker and more of a warm, rich gold. Ice Cold is much lighter and more of a white gold, so Siberian Gold is sort of like if King Tut and Ice Cold had a beautiful, glowing baby.

Becca’s Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfectors are sort of similar in formula, but Moonstone is considerably lighter, Opal is lighter and has more of a peachy undertone to it, and Champagne Pop is slightly lighter and MUCH more peachy.

MAC’s Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are not the same sort of texture, although they’re very smooth, but they aren’t as pigmented. Oh Darling (soon to be permanent from what I’ve heard) is close in color, though more of a yellow gold. The old limited edition classic, Whisper of Gilt, is lighter and more of a soft, peachy-champagne gold. Mineralize Skinfinishes are also not quite the same formula-wise, and I haven’t found a great dupe in those either… Soft & Gentle is a warmer, more peachy-pink nude and Cheeky Bronze is darker once applied, warmer, and more of a peachy, rosy bronze.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has SO many highlighters and the formula is similar, but a bit more dry with most of ABH’s. Siberian Gold is somewhere in between Glow Getter and 143 from the new Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. From the Sweets Glow Kit, Butterscotch is pretty close, but it’s a a bit lighter and cooler toned and has larger shimmer particles. Compared to the shades in the That Glow Glow Kit, Siberian Gold is similar to Golden Bronze, but a little lighter and warmer, while Dripping In Gold from the same Glow Kit is lighter.

Overall Rating:   5 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! I promise that next time I want to go this in depth with something, it will be in a video… I’m finishing up the final touches for my YouTube channel to be up and running, so I’ll post something on here as soon as it’s live. You can also go follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, all at lesley_makeup, for lots of photos and videos featuring all kinds of products. It’s also MUCH easier for me to answer questions on those platforms!

*** This post expresses my own honest opinion. I purchased this out of pocket and did not receive any type of PR or compensation for this review ***

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