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Benefit has really been making an effort to widen their range of products and formulas lately, which I think we all appreciate, BUT I’m still on the fence with the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick… I’m just going to state the obvious here and say that I definitely wouldn’t call this a true “contour” stick because it’s quite warm toned. On the other hand, it does make a nice bronzer for certain skin tones. It’s convenient and has a wonderful formula. I’ll get into more details about what skin tones this is best suited for, along with application tips later on in this post, so keep reading! And as always, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy sharing these new products with you!

This is a new but permanent product which you can purchase at Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s,, and wherever else that Benefit is sold. It goes for $28 and contains  8.5 g / 0.3 oz of product. That seems to be a pretty average price for something like this, considering that ABH’s foundation sticks sell for $25 and contain 0.32 oz of product. Since Benefit is a cruelty-free company, this was not tested on animals ❤

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The Hoola Quickie Contour Stick comes in a tube that looks like a gilded stick of bamboo. It’s very eye-catching and perfect for summer! I tossed it in my makeup bag for a day to see if it held up well and it didn’t pop open or make a mess. The stick itself twists up and back down into the tube, so it’s well protected and convenient to use. My darling French Mastiff, Wednesday, ate the box before I could snap a photo of the ingredients list, but I’ll try to get one up for you soon!



Alright, so let me give you the rundown on this “contour stick”… It’s not one, unless you like a pretty darn warm toned contour. Both personally and professionally when doing makeup on clients, I go for cooler tones 90% of the time when I’m contouring. Let me explain why: When you look at natural shadows on a face, which is what a contour mimics, they’re cool tones because, well, that’s what real shadows are! Therefore, if you want an actual CONTOUR, you want to go for a product that has less warm/red/orange tones, which is what this stick has. That said, I do think this makes a nice bronzer if, in MAC terms, you are a NC/NW15-20 to NC/NW30. The darker your skin tone, the more subtle this is going to look on you.

Now for the good news… The formula for the Hoola stick is fantastic! You have a lot of control with this type of stick and it has a wonderful texture! It’s a cream-to-powder product so it’s easy to apply and blend out and looks incredibly natural as a bronzer. This is one of those products that’s perfect if you’re in a hurry and want to add a little bit of color and dimension to your face without going for a completely beat look. I DO love that, especially for Spring and Summer, since this time of year most of us usually go for “less is more” look and want to look sun-kissed. Since it’s a cream-to-powder and dries quickly, you don’t have to set this with a powder if you don’t want to, which is great if you’re in a rush or if you have dry skin. I’ve discovered that it also works well with oily skin, due to the fact that it sets as a matte finish so it’s not going to fade or slide off. It does set relatively quickly, though, so you’ll want to be sure to blend this out as you apply it since it doesn’t give you much play time.

I wanted to love this product, I really did… But I don’t. If YOU do, that’s awesome! As we all know, not all products work for everyone because we all have different skin tones and preferences, and well, I just don’t prefer this particular bronzer (not contour). As I said earlier, this will work best if you have a light to medium skin tone, whether you’re warm, cool, or neutral. If you are very fair, this can take on an unwanted orange hue and if you have dark to deep skin, it’s not even going to show up! I really hope that Benefit will release other shades, similar to what they did with Hoola and Hoola Lite powder bronzers.

Photo taken outdoors in natural, indirect sunlight. Product swatched on NC20 skin.
This stick is a light-medium to medium, cocoa bronze color with some almost peanut butter-like, warm, peachy-brown undertones. It dries to a soft, natural looking matte finish. The texture feels amazing on the skin, blending out easily and evenly. Color payoff looks as intense as it does in the tube, but may pull more yellow on cooler undertones (like I have). Coverage is full if that’s what you desire, but it also sheers down very well when worked into the skin. Wear time was the most impressive thing about this product, as it lasted over 12 hours on me without fading, even on a warm, humid day!

Dupes:   The only actual cream bronzer I have is the Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base that comes in the little pot, which is nearly identical in color, though it may have bit more of a neutral to pinky undertone to it. It also has a very subtle glow, whereas the Hoola stick has a natural matte finish. The bonus to the Chanel one is that it contains 1 oz of product and costs $50, which is over three times what the Hoola stick has in it, so you’re getting a lot more for your money with the Chanel product! I also feel like the Chanel cream bronzer works with more skin tones.

If you want to compare feel and formula, the MUFE Ultra HD Foundation Sticks are much more creamy and emollient, but you can find similar colors in them. I haven’t compared this to the Hourglass or ABH foundation sticks yet, but I plan to in the future and when I do, I’ll let you all know what I think!

Overall Rating:   4 / 5

*** Overall rating would be a 4.7 / 5 BUT since the name of this product is a little deceiving and it is not very versatile as far as skin tones are concerned, I had to knock it down to a 4.

Application:   4

Coverage:  4

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   4

Packaging:   5


As Bronzer:   When applying this as a bronzer, you’ll want to put it on the areas of the face you’d like to give color and soft dimension to, then buff it out with some type of tapered brush. A few of my favorites for a more diffused look are MAC’s 109 Small Contour Brush and 168 Large Angled Contour Brush, Morphe’s R1 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush (same thing as their other types of “pointed powder” brushes), or R13 Pointed Contour Brush (same thing as their other Pointed Contour Brushes), Real Techniques Contour Brush (yellow/gold handle), and Zoeva’s 110 Face Shaper Brush. You basically just want something that’s tapered, somewhat stiff and not too long/bendy/fluffy, and will work well with creams (synthetics are best for that).

For placement as a bronzer, imagine the areas of the face that look darker when you’ve been out in the sun… Under the cheekbones, and even on and around them, a little along the temples and forehead/hairline, and maybe even on your neck and chest (my personal favorite if I’m showing off some skin in that area).

As Contour:   You can use the same brushes, just don’t buff out as much so you have a more defined line! I also recommend NOT using this around the nose as a contour because using a warm toned shade in that area that tends to look very unnatural!

As far as placement goes for a contour, you’ll want to apply this just under your cheekbones (not too far forward, though), temples, and around the hairline and jawline.

For both a bronzing and contouring application, a Beauty Blender also works VERY well so blend this stick out, especially if you want a more natural look!


*** This post expresses my own honest opinion. I purchased this out of pocket and did not receive any type of PR or compensation for this review ***

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