Shall I post looks on here or nah?

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I’m really just asking you what it says in the title of this post… Would you all be interested in me posting looks on here or nah?

I figure that the blog might be a little easier to reference than Instagram can be, which I don’t use enough but hey, I’m working on it now that I’m feeling more self confident lately. Also, I’m finally getting used to my new camera which takes SUPER awesome quality photos that show the makeup SO much better than my previous camera did, so I really want to put it to use. I’ll still post the looks on IG but I think posting them on here would be kind of cool too.

Anyway, this platform is a lot easier to list products and brushes I used with links to them soooo how do you all feel about that? Let me know in the comments below! And pretty please give me suggestions and requests of what type of looks you’d like to see!




  1. Absolutely! You do some of the best and most thorough reviews but it would be awesome to see how you incorporate products into actual looks too 🙂

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