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I know, I know… This post is a little late, but it’s better late than never!


I’ve hardly been wearing makeup lately but when I do, I’ve been sure to wear this highlighter not only to test it out thoroughly, but also because it’s really, really pretty. The color would suit just about every skin tone, except maybe deeper tones, and can be applied very lightly for a subtle luminous look, or you can layer it or dampen the brush for that I-can-be-seen-from-space type of glow. You can also use this highlighter as a multi purpose type of product, so that’s a plus.

I feel like the combination of texture/formula and color make this highlighter very unique. It’s definitely one of my current favorites! However, I honestly think that it was overhyped, and not even by ABH or Amrezy so much, but by the beauty community as a whole. I just want to keep it real with you guys and let you all know that yeah, sure, this highlighter is stunning BUT since it’s limited edition, don’t get too bummed out if you can’t get ahold of it. There are plenty of other gorgeous highlighters out there, and a lot are even made by ABH!

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Alright, so without further ado, I give you the ABH x Amrezy highlighter:








The packaging is pretty, glowy, and girly without being overdone or gaudy. There are hints of rose gold and star details on both the box and compact, as well as Amrezy’s name, so you can tell it’s something that represents both Amrezy and Anastasia Beverly Hills equally. Even the highlighter itself is textured and molded into a wavy pattern so it really captures it’s beautiful glow, even before you apply it! There’s also a mirror in the compact, which is always a welcome feature for me.




As I mentioned before, the formula for this highlighter is pretty unique. It’s not a full blown spongy feeling highlighter like some of the newer ones out there, but it also doesn’t feel powdery or pressed too hard. It IS a powder product, but it has a cool, creamy feel to it. My favorite part about this highlighter is that there are NO straight up glittery, grainy, shimmery bits in it, so it gives you a glow from within when blended out around the edges and doesn’t look too obvious, unless you want it to anyway.

The formula helps this highlighter with smoothness of application as far as the product going on evenly and also adhering to the skin quite well and lasting all day long. That being said, the application isn’t always going to be a fully opaque, beaming highlight if you don’t want it to be. You can use a few different brushes and techniques to get the desired look that you prefer… I’ll mention tips and tools below the product breakdown.

This limited edition highlighter sells for $28 and contains 0.31 oz/ 9 g of product. That’s on par with similar products from higher end brands, if not cheaper than most of them, so it is a good deal for the amount of product you get, especially since you don’t have to use much. It’s available from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Website, as well as Sephora and Ulta. I don’t know what their definition of “limited edition” is with this product, but I’m assuming it kind of means until supplies run out? If you DO want it, I suggest getting your paws on it soon, but I haven’t seen anyone run out of stock just yet, so there may still be plenty of time to buy it… Who knows.


Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Highlighter swatched on MAC NC20 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight (there was some cloud cover).

This highlighter is a “light brilliant gold” according to the ABH website. It’s a light, slightly warm toned but not TOO warm toned gold with almost a hint of both yellow and platinum undertones to it. I have no idea if that makes any sense, but because it’s not too cool or too warm toned, it’s flattering on most everyone. I haven’t personally seen this product used on dark to deep skin tones, but I feel like it could look a little dry or dusty and washed out on some people. ABH does make great Glow Kits for dark to deep skin tones, though, so if you’re worried about the Amrezy highlighter being TOO light, just grab one of those instead!

Like I said earlier, the formula is incredibly smooth and glides onto the skin easily. My only complaints are that it does tend to show texture a little more than some other highlighters I have, and I’m pretty sure it’s what’s been breaking me out in those annoying little bumpy, almost-zits, that pop up when my skin doesn’t agree with something. I also broke out the same way with ABH’s So Hollywood Illuminator, which has a similar feel/texture, but I do have pretty sensitive skin so I’m sure this is probably a rare thing and nothing to really worry about!

The color looks a little lighter on the skin than it does in the packaging, but it still adapts well to most skin tones. Coverage is amazing and you actually have to use a light hand or a very fluffy brush to get a softer looking application with this highlighter! Wear time is excellent! I usually get anywhere from eight to twelve hours before this shows any signs of fading. It seems like it melts into your skin more and more, looking better and better as the day goes on, rather than separating or looking patchy and fading in that sort of way, so I do love that about this product!

Dupes:   I’m going to split these up between the creamy/gel-powder formula types of highlighters and true powder highlighters…

As far as the cool, gel/cream/powder texture type of highlighters go, the closest dupe I’ve found is MAC’s Double Gleam Extra Dimension Highlighter, even though it is a teeny bit lighter. A few other Extra Dimension Highlighters from MAC that are close are Oh, Darling! (very, very slightly darker but looks a lot like the Amrezy highlighter once applied), Whisper of Gilt (a little warmer toned), and Beaming Blush (more rose gold). A few other brands with similar products are Maybelline, with their Molten Gold Master Chrome Highlighter, which is a little darker and warmer, but much more affordable if you’re on a budget and once it’s applied it looks nearly the same! The Amrezy Highlighter falls right between the two Digital Dust Highlights in the colors Stargazer (lighter and slightly warmer but still quite similar), and Gold Ore (a little darker and warmer toned gold) from Melt Cosmetics’. ABH’s So Hollywood Illuminator is also SUPER similar, but it is less golden and cooler toned. However, the formula is comparable.

For true powder highlighters, The Balm’s Mary-Lou-Manizer Highlight is VERY close, but just a little darker and warmer/peachier. Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone is close, but a bit lighter. The undertone is very similar, though. Summer, from ABH’s Sun Dipped Glow Kit is also very close, but more yellow.

Overall Rating:   4.4 / 5

Application:   4

Coverage:  4

Color Payoff:   4

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5

Value:   4

Application Tips & Tricks:

As most of you know, applying a highlighter damp will get you a more intense glow than applying it dry… To do this, I recommend loading up your brush with product, THEN spraying it with something like MAC’s Fix+ Spray or whatever type of facial spray you prefer. It’s always best to use one that has more hydrating properties rather than a true setting spray.

A few of my favorite brushes to apply highlighters with are Anastasia Beverly Hills’ A23 brush, Morphe’s R36, R31, M461, or M501 brushes, or MAC’s 188 or 132 brushes. You can also use a fan brush like Morphe’s R12 or MAC’s 184, but I typically choose those for dry application. You can honestly use any of the brushes I mentioned for damp or dry application, but keep in mind that synthetic fibers will work better for a damp application, while natural fiber, fluffier brushes tend to work best for a more subtle, dry application.



This post expresses my own honest opinion. I purchased these with my own money and did not receive any type of PR or compensation for this review.

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  1. Great review on the Highlighter. I might try it out. Nicole (Bellabeautybynicole)

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