New “posting schedule”. Again.

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I probably should have known better… It’s nearly impossible for me to stay on a solid posting schedule and it’s inevitable that something happens and I never get things posted on time, no matter how many pre-written posts I have sitting there. This has really been stressing me out and I’ve realized that this blog is supposed to be fun, I want it to stay fun, and I don’t want it to feel like a weight on my shoulders. I hate that I’m like this, but when I make a strict schedule for something, it stresses me out and I become WAY less productive than I am if I just do things on my own time. That’s why I work for myself to begin with. It’s weird and annoying but so is my anxiety and how my brain works.

Soooo instead of the previously mentioned posting schedule, I’m just gonna commit to two or three posts a week! They may go up three days in a row, they may go up on weekends, they may go up every other day, who knows, but they WILL go up! I’m having a blast with the blog again and I’m really inspired with makeup lately, so I’m feeling really motivated with all of this but it’s hard for me to have a set-in-stone type of schedule.

I apologize for this mess but life happens. Mostly, I’m still struggling with my mental and emotional health. I’ve been off of anxiety medication for over two months now (woohoo!), but it’s not easy to retrain my brain and battle through the rough days sometimes. I’ll probably make an updated post about all of that soon, if you all are interested anyway. I’m feeling so much better since I went off of medication, and I’ve been a lot more productive overall, but it’s a big change.

On top of that, I have jobs… Real jobs, and more than one of them (not including the blog, which does not pay my bills or anything). It’s hard for some people to understand, but one of those jobs is taking care of about 40 mostly very large pythons. I literally NEVER know what days will be 10 or 12 hour cleaning days, or what days I’ll have to feed them. They’re my pets as well as breeding stock, and living things have to come first, ya know?

I’m trying very hard to push myself to be more open and transparent with all of you because I’m finally comfortable doing that. I’m finally not afraid of my readers judging me for being weird for having anxiety and depression or working with slithery, creepy animals, so thank you all for being so awesome and supportive! I’m working very hard at posting better reviews and more varied content for you guys and I do not see that changing anytime soon!

The next post is for one of Fenty Beauty’s new Stunna Lip Paints so I hope you all will enjoy that. It’ll be up late tonight!

As always, thank you all for reading! Don’t forget to make time for yourself and regularly practice self-care. You’re important, you’re loved, and it’s okay to put yourself first ❤



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