Hey everyone… I need to hear from you!

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I’m still in the process of changing things up a bit on here, so I need to know what YOU like to see the most!

I already asked on Instagram if people want to see more looks or if they want to see more blog reviews, and it was unanimous that people want to see my face more often (lolz y’all crazy). Since that’s the case, I’ll be making my review posts on here more brief and to the point most of the time, so I hope that’s cool with all of you. It’ll make it easier for me to make posts more consistently, though, since writing super in depth reviews is really time consuming. I’ll also post my makeup looks on here with a list of products used, and whatever products I post reviews on will be the same products I’m using in my looks, so everything will be cohesive between both platforms.

Okay so here’s were YOU come in:

If you guys could leave me a comment and answer a few questions I would really appreciate it, plus that will allow me to give you all more of what you want to see! I enjoy sharing my love of makeup with everyone and letting you all know about the products I’m loving (or hating sometimes). I don’t get paid for these posts, so I really want to make my readers happy… I do this for all of you!

Here’s what I need to know:

  • What are the MOST important things you look for in product reviews? (pigmentation, coverage, price, etc).
  • What are the LEAST important things you see in product reviews? (swatches, price, packaging, etc).
  • What are your favorite products to see reviewed? (lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, skincare, etc).
  • Would you be excited to see features on certain days of the week? Like Skincare Saturday/Sunday, Face Friday (posting a look or doing a face product review) etc.

These are all just things that are on my mind and ideas for features I might implement, so let me know what you all think and as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi there!
    When it comes to products like foundation, I would want to know about coverage. Does the foundation provide light, medium or full coverage? I don’t care about the packaging at all, and I usually skip the “packaging” paragraphs in reviews.
    I like skin care and make-up reviews, hair care, nail of the day posts… I’m not focused on a single product category, and whilst a skin care Saturday or Sunday sounds nice, I wouldn’t mind if you do 3 skin care reviews one week, and 3 make-up reviews the next week.
    I hope this helps a little. 🙂

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