Swatchmas Day 10: Melt Cosmetics Blushlights

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On the tenth day of Swatchmas, I give you all seven Blushlights from Melt Cosmetics! These are really versatile powders and can be used as highlighters, blushes, blush toppers, or even as eye shadows (not sure if all of these are deemed “safe” for the eye area, but I use them like that anyway). I feel like these are one of Melt’s hidden gems that aren’t talked about nearly enough, but are definitely worth checking out if you like to glow!

You can purchase these directly from the Melt Cosmetics website. Each Blushlight costs $22 and contains between 3.89 g / 0.137 oz and 5.045 g / 0.178 oz of product (each one varies). Melt Cosmetics is a cruelty free company and five of these are vegan, two are not (they contain carmine). I’ll list the individual product weights and whether they’re vegan or not in the list of shades below.

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The Blushlights featured in this post are:

  • Nevermore:   Warm peachy hibiscus pink   (4.215g / 0.149oz | non-vegan)
  • Lynx:   Warm sandy gold sun kissed glow  (4.514 g / 0.159 oz) | vegan)
  • Sundown:   Warn toned bronze gold with a subtle, warm toned shift   (5.045 g / 0.178 oz | vegan)
  • Fire Fury:   Pinky-crimson with a bold red shift   (4.814 g / 0.17 oz | non-vegan)
  • Electra:   Cool toned Lilac with a periwinkle shift   (4.703 g / 0.166 oz) | vegan)
  • Shadowplay:   Cool toned pearl with a minty shift   (3.89 g / 0.137 oz | vegan)
  • Ghostlight:   Cool to neutral pearl with a golden shift   (3.805 g / 0.134 oz | vegan)
I’m not entirely sure which is which in this photo because it’s very old, but the three blushes I’ll be posting soon are on the right!
Photo taken indoors using natural, indirect sunlight. Blushlights swatch on MAC NC12 skin.


These products were purchased with my own money. I did not receive any type of PR or compensation for this post.

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