Updates and things… Instagram and other platforms

Hey everyone!

I know that there are usually posts up nearly every weekend and those have been missing these past two weeks, but my puppy has been having major health issues since early December and had surgery on January 14th for a really rare and serious condition that’s a type of prolapse. It’s been a very difficult recovery process for him, and it’s going to be a lengthy one. It’s draining for me and I just haven’t had the energy or time to sit down and write because I literally have to watch him 24/7. However, this break has made me realize a lot of things and I’m making changes to improve my life and the ways I can reach people to share my love of makeup!

I’ve been really afraid to make this post because the last thing I want to do is disappoint anyone, especially my long term readers who I love to bits, but I think it’s time that I part ways with the blog, or the blog of the past anyway. I’ll still be posting, and I’ll try to get the rest of my 2018 favorites up this month, but it’s going to be a bit different around here moving forward…

The blog did really well, I got great feedback from all of you, and I reached a lot of people when I did Swatchmas in December, so I’ll be making more frequent posts like that from now on! They’ll be in the same format with product photos, swatches, and brief rundowns and ratings of the products. And don’t worry, I’ve been working on my swatching skills and photos, so they’ll be much better quality than some of them were during Swatchmas. I’ll also be posting looks that I do on myself with a list of the products used whenever I post them on Instagram, since those posts have also done really well on here and everyone has seemed to love them the few times I’ve done that.

As far as other platforms go, I’m going to be focusing on Instagram and posting looks on there as well as doing live Get Ready With Me things every once in a while. I’ve been relearning Final Cut Pro and I have a better setup for lighting and my camera, so hopefully I’ll be on YouTube by this Spring too. Make sure that you go follow me on my Instagram @lesley_makeup and Twitter, also @lesley_makeup, so you guys can keep up with all of the changes and fun stuff I’ll have going on very soon!

I think I just realized that this break from writing has made me incredibly happy and I feel relieved and less stressed now that I let go of feeling obligated to post on here all the time. I hate to say that but it’s the truth. I’m enjoying playing with makeup without feeling like I have to test it, and it’s really nice putting my artistry skills to use again. It’s also felt great NOT wearing makeup sometimes and not even thinking that I have a stack of products that I NEED to apply, take notes on, and review. Makeup is truly fun again and I’ve missed that a lot!

I’m feeling more motivated than ever and I’m looking forward to this new journey, so I hope you all will stick around and join me on it!

I appreciate you all so very much!

XO, Lesley

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