Swatchmas Day 15: Melt Cosmetics Metal Gloss Lipglosses

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On the fifteenth day of Swatchmas, I give you all eight of Melt Cosmetics’ Metal Lip Glosses. These are super pigmented, metallic finish lip glosses that apply easily and evenly, wear well and don’t feel overly sticky or heavy.

Each gloss contains 6.5 g / 0.3 oz of product and sell for $16 each or $99 for the set of eight. If you’d like to get these, they can be purchased directly from the Melt Cosmetics website. Melt is a cruelty-free company.

The eight Metal Glosses featured in this post are:

  • Overkill:   Regal purple with magenta pearl
  • Amulet:   Garnet hued, deep purpley-pink
  • Lurk:   Hot pink with fuchsia sheen
  • Seance:   Rosy mauve with pink flecks
  • Trance:   Red wine
  • Evoke:   Chocolate bronze
  • 1942:   Golden agave
  • Deviant:   Orange with peach sparkle

Note:   I forgot to get a shot of the glosses themselves lined up, and I’m currently out of town, so I’m sorry I can’t add that to the post! I’ll try to when I get back home, though.



These products were purchased with my own money. I did not receive any type of PR or compensation for this post.

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