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I'm a professional makeup artist who has been in this industry for nearly fourteen years. In addition to doing freelance makeup work, I have also worked for one of the top makeup brands in the world for the past seven years. I graduated from Makeup Designory in Los Angeles in 2010 where I fine tuned my artistry skills and expanded my expertise into the realm of special effects.
If I'm not playing with makeup, I'm probably playing video games, caring for my many pet reptiles, napping with my dog, or reading.

Doggy surgery… Sadface.

My poor little bullmastiff (or not so little… 90lbs), Ava, had to have surgery today to remove some tumors from her mouth. I don’t get biopsy results until next week but I’m hoping that it’s only benign abscesses and not cancer, but I won’t know until the vet gets results […]