New “posting schedule”. Again.

I probably should have known better… It’s nearly impossible for me to stay on a solid posting schedule and it’s inevitable that something happens and I never get things posted on time, no matter how many pre-written posts I have sitting there. This has really been stressing me out and […]

Shall I post looks on here or nah?

I’m really just asking you what it says in the title of this post… Would you all be interested in me posting looks on here or nah? I figure that the blog might be a little easier to reference than Instagram can be, which I don’t use enough but hey, I’m working […]

Dear readers… Thank you!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post and say thank you to all the new people following my blog, and to all of my old followers who I see liking my recent posts, despite the fact that I disappeared for a while! I noticed that my blog […]

FAQ – Your questions answered!

I get asked a lot of questions, whether it’s through comments here on my blog, through emails, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in person sooooo I think it’s time I answer all of them on here! It’s hard for me to respond thoroughly to everyone individually sometimes so hopefully I […]

Summer Beauty Resolutions

As of today, summer is officially here! Woohoo! Lately I keep thinking of things I want to change about or incorporate into my beauty routine so I’ve been scribbling them all down to look back at them later on. I figured that turning them into a list of resolutions for […]