Real Life

As of today, summer is officially here! Woohoo!

Lately I keep thinking of things I want to change about or incorporate into my beauty routine so I’ve been scribbling them all down to look back at them later on. I figured that turning them into a list of resolutions for summer was a great idea!

I feel like I’ve been in a sort of beauty rut lately and I want to break out of it so badly. Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with for creating a new and improved version of myself…


  • Drink more water and stop drinking sodas. Also start eating healthier and working out more regularly.

I want to be in better shape, have better skin, and feel more confident.

  • Add more color into my daily makeup routine.

I always tend to lean towards neutrals, especially if I’m having a lazy day or I’m in a hurry, but I really want to step outside my box and start having more fun with color… No more Blankety Lipstick and Bisque/Wedge Eye Shadow combo for me!

  • Try different, colorful, creative things with my nails other than a pretty color + glitter.

I want to try new nail shapes and really focus on details more. I’m even going to try an at-home snakeskin manicure using shed skin from all of my little ball pythons.

  • Wear (and perfect) winged eye liner, especially with bright colors.

I can apply winged liner easily and flawlessly to everyone but myself. Weird, but true.

  • Start wearing heels and platforms more often…

Of course that involves me learning to walk in them better but practice makes perfect.

  • Use perfume more often, rather than scented body lotions and sprays.

I think there is something so feminine and sexy about perfumes. I always feel so much more put together and confident when I wear them. I have SO many different scents but I only wear them on “special days”… Well, I think every day should be special! I blame my mother for my perfume buying habit hehe.


Those are a couple of my summer beauty resolutions… I’m curious if any of you have some as well! Share them in comments if you do!


P.S. I apologize for there not being a Tuesday Tip this week. I had a bit of a fall and tore the ligament in my left ankle so I spent my Tuesday in several different doctor’s offices. I got a sweet boot/brace to wear so I’ll heal up quickly and be back on my feet in no time (har har). Tuesday Tip will be back next week!!


Soooo as you may have read, I am planning on doing some new posts soon over MAC’s Pro Longwear line and some other things BUT that will be next week after my macro lens arrives!

Not only will I have some awesome, really detailed, clear photos of the Pro Longwear products, I’m going to go back and redo EVERY other photo on here with it! Of course that will take a lot of time, but it will be completed eventually. I think it will make it much easier to see the true colors and textures of everything. I hope you all enjoy the new photos as much as I’m going to enjoy taking them!

Well poop. I got way behind for several reasons, which I apologize for…

1) Β  Items were sold out locally

2) Β  UPS did not get all of my products from the Fashion Sets collection here until today, a week after the collection was released (shame on you, UPS)

3) I’ve been working (yay!)

4) I’ve been having taking some time away from a computer and living my life and reading and playing with my dogs and exploring and all sorts of fun stuff

I did not get ANYTHING that’s Chestnut or Spice and I didn’t get Russian Red or Rebel Nail Lacquer, so I hope you aren’t anxiously waiting to see those on here.

That said, I will hopefully have the majority of the posts for Fashion Sets up tomorrow night (Friday, May 11th). I still have to take swatch photos and play around with a new camera a bit to redo some product photos, but I’m working on reviews tonight!

I will be publishing all of these posts in sets arranged by color (like one for Angel, one for Ravishing, etc…) and I will also be doing a collective summary with everything grouped by product type (Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquer).

Check back tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have everything finished. Thanks for reading ❀

It’s that time again… Real life has been taking over lately so I haven’t had much time at all for blogging. Sorry!

This weekend/early next week you can look forward to seeing photos, swatches and reviews for EVERY product in MAC’s new Lips & Tips/Fashion Sets collection… The only two sets I did not get are Spice and Chestnut, as they are not terribly flattering on me and I have similar products already. I also didn’t get Russian Red or Rebel nail lacquer because I have so many reds and deep purpley colors it’s ridiculous.

As well as that new collection, I am working some awesome new face charts for prom and wedding season. I’m also trying to group up different eye shadows, lipsticks, etc… to swatch and write about. I’m thinking I’ll try it by brand, color, formula, and so on.

What would you like to see? Should I stick with makeup or venture into the skincare/outfits/perfume/whatever world too? Let me know!!

P.S. If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a makeup artist for prom or a wedding or photo shoot or ANYTHING feel free to email me at I am trying to get some more freelance work lined up since I’m still relatively new to the area and trying to get my name out there.



My poor little bullmastiff (or not so little… 90lbs), Ava, had to have surgery today to remove some tumors from her mouth. I don’t get biopsy results until next week but I’m hoping that it’s only benign abscesses and not cancer, but I won’t know until the vet gets results back from the lab. Anyway, this pup right here is why I am a bit behind for the day and might be all weekend. I’m snuggled up next to her in her bed at the moment while she’s snoring away, knocked out on pain medicine. I hate to see my fur kid so miserable. Her “brother”, my boxer, Oliver aka Booger, is also snoring with his head on my lap. I freaking love these critters so much. They kinda sort of make my heart melt a little bit ❀