Real Life

MAC Fashion Sets – Brief Update

Well poop. I got way behind for several reasons, which I apologize for… 1)   Items were sold out locally 2)   UPS did not get all of my products from the Fashion Sets collection here until today, a week after the collection was released (shame on you, UPS) 3) […]

Oh, hello there!

It’s that time again… Real life has been taking over lately so I haven’t had much time at all for blogging. Sorry! This weekend/early next week you can look forward to seeing photos, swatches and reviews for EVERY product in MAC’s new Lips & Tips/Fashion Sets collection… The only two […]

Doggy surgery… Sadface.

My poor little bullmastiff (or not so little… 90lbs), Ava, had to have surgery today to remove some tumors from her mouth. I don’t get biopsy results until next week but I’m hoping that it’s only benign abscesses and not cancer, but I won’t know until the vet gets results […]