Sneak Peek: ABH Aurora Glow Kit

Due to wordpress not wanting to open the nearly completed, saved post for the Aurora Glow Kit, I’m giving you guys a sneak peek for now! I had my blog and email compromised a few days ago and it’s been a pain to get everything back on track, I’ll have the post […]

What do YOU want to see on here?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having an amazing week! Pretty please take a second to read this so you can help me out with the blog 🙂 I feel like lately I’m either totally overwhelmed with all kinds of new products I’ve picked up, or I’m at a complete loss for […]

MAC Oval 6 Brush

I’ve been obsessed with this brush since I purchased it not long ago and actually ended up purchasing a second one. It’s a versatile brush that can be used for […]