I want YOUR input!

I am sitting here trying to brainstorm the best way to make this blog what YOU want to read and after scribbling down a million different notes, it dawned on me that it might be easier to just ask. This blog may be new but it’s my baby and I’m […]

Cure for the common cold: Retail Therapy!!

Okay, so I know that shopping doesn’t REALLY cure a cold, but it helps a lot, especially when nearly everything is discounted or free! It made me feel better anyway. My camera battery died in the middle of swatches and I lost my natural light so I figured a trip […]

MAC Naturally: Product Photos, Swatches and Reviews

Yet another gorgeous collection from MAC! The colors, pigmentation and quality of these products are really exceptional. There is something for every age and skin tone in this collection. Additional/better swatches will be posted very soon, like when the sun is out and my camera battery is actually charged, so […]