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The Divine Night collection is full of golden tones and shimmer, so of course Mineralize Skinfinishes are one of the products featured in MAC’s holiday collection! Similar to the Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection, all of these are duo-toned, with one large and one smaller section containing different colors that compliment each other. All of these are suitable for any skin tone and can be used for multiple things… I like using Mineralize Skinfinishes to highlight the face, as a blush (for some colors), or even as eye shadows.

Centre of Attention, Perfectly Poised, and Scene to be Seen

Centre of Attention, Perfectly Poised, and Scene to be Seen

Mineralize Skinfinishes are “A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face. Pairs two rich, contrasting shades with the graphic impact of a luxe powder design”… As I mentioned, these are multi-use, but most people use these on the cheeks as a blush, or on different areas of the face as a highlighter. You can use these colors individually or swirl your brush over both to blend them together. Mineralize Skinfinishes can also be used as eye shadows. Whatever you use them for, they create a beautiful glow and make the skin look absolutely gorgeous!

To use as a highlight, I prefer a MAC 187 or 188 duo fibre brush… This is going to make it very easy for you to control just how much you apply and let you build up the product gradually. That way, you can apply this as a subtle highlight or more heavily as a blush. For a heavier application as either a highlight or blush, you can use a MAC 116, 109, 129, or 167 brush. These brushes are much more dense and will pick up and apply more product than the duo fibre brushes will.

For the eyes, I like to use a 239 brush to apply this on the lid… You want to pat and pack on the color with a flat brush. You can also dampen your brush with Fix+ Spray to get more color payoff and shimmer… I especially recommend doing this with any of the colors with larger shimmer particles to prevent fallout. To blend these into the crease, I like to use a 217 brush or 286 duo fibre brush.

These Mineralize Skinfinishes are all limited edition and are available now at MAC stores, counters, and online at They sell for $33 and contain 7.5 g / 0.26 US oz of product. That’s $3 more and 2.5g less product than the permanent MSF’s, but with the special packaging and unique colors, these are worth it!

Divine Night Mineralize Skinfinishes

Divine Night Mineralize Skinfinishes Labels

Centre of Attention

Centre of Attention

Centre of Attention

Centre of Attention

Centre of Attention Left: Separate colors applied heavily   Right: Both colors blended together Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. MSF swatched on NC15 skin.

Centre of Attention
Left: Separate colors applied heavily                                 Right: Both colors blended together
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. MSF swatched on NC15 skin.

Centre of Attention:   This MSF is described as a “pastel peachy pink with fine pink shimmer / 24 carat gold shimmer”. Blended together this is a light, warm, champagne-gold with a gorgeous golden shimmer. The color payoff is good and coverage is semi-sheer, as it should be with Mineralize Skinfinishes. I got about 6 hours of wear before this started to fade. Blended together, Centre of Attention works well as a highlighter on fair to medium-dark skin.

The larger outer area is a light, somewhat peachy-pink, champagne type of color with a soft, warm peachy-pink sheen. Although it’s light, it gives good color payoff and semi-opaque coverage. This color is soft, finely milled, and easy to blend out and apply. This wore well for over 8 hours. I love this color as a highlighter on fair to medium skin, or as an eye shadow.

The smaller inner area is a true 24 carat gold with larger shimmer particles. Color payoff is nice, but it’s not quite opaque. It doesn’t apply as smoothly as the lighter color, due to the bigger shimmery bits. That said, it’s still quite beautiful and I really like using this color applied damp on the eyelid. On the cheeks I only got about 4-5 hours of wear before this faded or moved around. As a highlighter, this is flattering on medium to deep skin.


– Blended Together:   Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Highlighter is very similar, though it was limited edition. Soft and Gentle is permanent but is less golden and lighter.

– Outer Area (Champagne):   Lightscapade is close, but slightly lighter and has more yellow tones. It’s permanent and always available, though!

– Inner Area (Gold):   I honestly can’t think of anything that’s similar to this… Perhaps one of the golden colors in a Mineralize Eye Shadow that I can’t seem to remember the name of (oops).

Overall Rating:   4.3 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  4

Color Payoff:   4

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   4

Packaging:   5

Perfectly Poised

Perfectly Poised

Perfectly Poised

Perfectly Poised

Perfectly Poised
Left: Separate colors applied heavily                             Right: Both colors blended together
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. MSF swatched on NC15 skin.

Perfectly Poised:   This is a “bronzy coral with golden tones / creamy beige with pinkish purple sheen”… Blended together this is a light to medium (depending on how much you apply), warm toned,  peachy bronze with a soft, neutral, champagne-pink sheen. It’s really pretty on fair to medium skin if you want a glow and a bit of color that’s somewhere between a blush and bronzer. Both colors in this Mineralize Skinfinish are very finely milled and silky, so they apply easily, give great coverage, and blend together well without any large, blotchy shimmer. Blended together, it’s not super metallic or anything so this MSF doesn’t emphasize pores too much. I got roughly 8 hours of wear before I noticed any fading.

The larger outer area is a warm, medium to medium-dark, orange/coral-bronze with a golden sheen. The color payoff is amazing with very little product applied. It’s a nice bronzer for light to medium-dark skin… The lighter you are, the less you want to apply. I recommend a MAC 188 duo-fibre brush. This color also makes a beautiful highlighter on dark to deep skin. Be careful applying too much on the cheeks if you have larger pores since this color is quite intense and frosty. You can also use this as an eyeshadow! If you want to use it like that, you can use it either dry or damp… Damp will give you more coverage and a more metallic finish. Used on the face, this color gave me slightly less than 6 hours of wear before it began to fade.

The smaller inner area is a pale, almost neutral but slightly cool toned cream color with a cool, pinkish, pearly sheen. This doesn’t have as much coverage as the larger area of this MSF but it does have good color payoff. I love this as a highlighter on fair to light or light-medium skin. It’s very soft and gives a beautiful glow. You can also use this one as an eyeshadow applied either dry or damp. As a highlighter, I didn’t notice any fading until I had this on for over 8 hours.


– Blended Together:   I can’t really think of a great dupe for this… Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish (which is permanent) is pinker, much less bronze, and has larger shimmer particles.

– Outer Area (Golden Bronze):   Center of the Universe Mineralize Skinfinish from the Heavenly Creatures collection of Summer 2012 is very similar, though perhaps a little more orange. Trace Gold Blush (part of the permanent line) is lighter and more golden, not as bronze.

– Inner Area (Pale Cream):   Snowglobe Beauty Powder from the Glitter and Ice Holiday collection of 2011 is very similar, though slightly darker and warmer. Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish (permanent) is similar as well but is a bit darker and more intense.

Overall Rating:   4.7 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   4

Packaging:   5

Scene to be Seen

Scene to be Seen

Scene to be Seen

Scene to be Seen

Scene to be Seen
Left: Separate colors applied heavily                               Right: Both colors blended together
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. MSF swatched on NC15 skin.

Scene to be Seen:   This MSF is a “mauve with pink sheen / brick rose with gold reflects”… Blended together this is a medium to medium-dark, rosy plum with a warm, rose-gold frosty sheen. The color payoff and coverage are both great. I did notice that due to the more frosted finish, it can emphasize pores a bit. The texture is very smooth so it blends out and applies easily. I like this as a blush on fair to medium-dark skin… It also works well as a highlight on dark to deep skin. I got about 8 hours of wear with this wearing it either way.

The larger outer area is the one described as a “mauve with pink sheen” and is a medium to medium-dark, plum with a warm, rosy undertone and a frosted finish. The coverage is fantastic, as is the color payoff. It applies smoothly and fortunately it blends out easily since it’s so highly pigmented. I like this as a blush and it works well on fair to dark skin, though on lighter skin you want to apply this sparingly! I suggest a MAC 188 duo fibre brush. It wore well for me for about 8 hours before fading.

The smaller inner area is described as a “brick rose with gold reflects” and is a medium, slightly plummy color with some coppery rose undertones. This part of the MSF contains the “gold reflects” which are fine, golden shimmery bits. It also has a frosty finish, but not as frosted as the other area of this blush. It’s not as pigmented and opaque as the larger outer area either, but still gives really good color payoff and decent coverage. As with the larger area, I like this as a blush on fair to dark skin, making sure it’s applied more lightly on lighter skin tones. I got 6-7 hours of wear with this before I noticed any fading.


– Blended Together:   Small Vanity Powder Blush from the Glamour Daze Holiday collection of 2012 is similar, but has little to no shimmer or frost. For permanent dupes, I would suggest Love Joy or Warm Soul Mineralize Blushes… Love Joy is slightly darker and more coppery, and Warm Soul is a bit lighter and less plum, but those are about as close as you’re going to get!

– Outer Area (mauve with pink sheen):   Lavish Living Mineralize Blush (also from this collection) is similar, though more of a cool toned plum… You could also do Plum Foolery Powder Blush, which is a permeant color. It’s very close but may slightly less shimmery.

– Inner Area (brick rose with gold reflects):   Ambering Rose Powder Blush (permanent) is close, but slightly more coppery and has less plum to it at all. Warm Soul Mineralize Blush (also permanent) is similar as well, though it’s not as dark and is not so rosy.

Overall Rating:   4.7 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   4

Packaging:   5


I know it happens from time to time… I go MIA and return in full force with all the latest MAC collections… Well it’s true I’ve been MIA… Unfortunately I have had all of the newest MAC collections, photographed them and everything and planned on posting them but it all sort of fell through.

Recently my life has become extremely busy between working nearly full time and taking care of my terminally ill dog… My dog is my baby, she comes first and her cancer treatment comes first, so rather than spending my days off blogging, many have been spent at vets and specialists. I’m not looking for sympathy or a coming up with a cop-out, I’m just being honest. On the plus side, my big slobber monster (she’s a bullmastiff), Ava, is quite a trooper! She’s handling chemotherapy for her Mast Cell tumors pretty well and we’re expecting to have a bit of quality time left with her before she can’t handle any more or the cancer takes over and spreads further than her spleen. My boxer, Oliver, was also diagnosed within a week of Ava’s diagnosis, so that was rough too… Fortunately he only had one tumor that was easily removed and is now living cancer free and healthy as ever!

I love makeup… Cosmetics and makeup artistry are my passion and hobby and a huge part of my life. I feel like I need to get back to blogging to retain my sanity, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with it more easily from now on!

I am SO far behind with collections, so I’ll be posting them from oldest to newest… You can look forward to seeing posts on these MAC collections coming up over the next few days:

– Marilyn Monroe

– Temperature Rising

– Rihanna (all 3 lipsticks)

– All About Orange

– Tropical Taboo

and the latest…

– So Supreme


Again, thank you for your support and reading my blog.



The long awaited re-release of Stereo Rose and Porcelain Pink Mineralize Skinfinish is finally at hand! Actually, these came out a week ago… I’m just late getting my Apres Chic posts up because I was on vacation… Sorry!

Apres Chic Mineralize Skinfinishes

Apres Chic Mineralize Skinfinish Labels

Mineralize Skinfinishes are a cult classic when it comes to MAC products. People will do just about anything to get their hands on these babies! The quality of these is always great, and they’re versatile enough to be used as a blush or highlight on the cheeks and can even be used as eye shadows or for a pop of shine on the lips. Mineralize Skinfinishes are very shimmery and shiny, so don’t wear these if you don’t want to get noticed… They give a gorgeous glow to the cheeks! If you have large pores or super oily skin, these may not be for you, but they work on the majority of people if applied properly.

My favorite brushes to use with these are a MAC 116 or 168 brush if you want to wear it as a blush. This will apply it more heavily than other brushes will, but still make it easy to blend out. If you want to use these as a lighter type of blush, a MAC 181 brush is ideal, although those were limited edition. A MAC 187 brush works well to apply this lightly as a blush, or you can use a MAC 188 brush to apply it as a highlight.

Both of these MSF’s are limited edition and came out the day after Christmas with the Apres Chic collection. This collection is available now at your local MAC counter,  MAC store, or online at  Mineralize Skinfinish sells for $29 and contains 10 g / 0.35oz of product. As far as I know, Stereo Rose is sold out online, but Porcelain Pink is still available. Perhaps you’ll have better luck finding Stereo Rose at your local store or counter!

Porcelain Pink Mineralize Skinfinish

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Mineralize Skinfinish swatched on NC15 skin.Left:   Applied heavily      Right: Blended out

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Mineralize Skinfinish swatched on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily                                                        Right: Blended out

Porcelain Pink:   Porcelain Pink is a “soft pinky coral with gold veining”. It’s a light, warm pink with golden shimmer and an overall frosty finish. In the pan, it’s much more coral than it is once applied, but there’s enough of a hint of coral when applied that it will warm up your skintone and be flattering, whether you’re naturally cool or warm toned. There’s some serious sheen to Porcelain Pink, so I don’t tend to use this alone as a blush. What I like to do is layer this over another blush, or just use it as a highlight on the cheeks. As a blush, this will wear for about 6 hours before fading… As a highlight, this tends to last closer to 8 hours before it begins to fade. I also like this for a highlight on the eyes or as a soft wash of color and shimmer all over the eyelid. Since this is a lighter shade, it’s best suited for people with fair to medium-dark skin. Porcelain Pink was also released in September of 2011 with the Fall Colour collection, as well as several times before.

Overall Rating:   4.2 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  3

Color Payoff:   4

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   4

Packaging:   5

Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish


Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Mineralize Skinfinish swatched on NC15 skin.Left: Applied heavily     Right: Blended out

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Mineralize Skinfinish swatched on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily                                                         Right: Blended out

Stereo Rose:   Stereo Rose is a “coral with golden bronze shimmering nuances”… Sounds fancy! It’s a warm, medium coral with undertones of pink and a soft, golden bronze shimmer. It’s nicely pigmented and has good color payoff, no matter how you apply it. It works well as a blush on fair to medium-dark skin, and works well as a highlighter for all skintones. It can also be lightly layered over another blush to add sheen and warmth. Like Porcelain Pink, this lasted about 6 hours on me as a blush and a bit longer as a highlight. Stereo Rose is very smooth and has a fine texture, so it doesn’t seem to show pores so much as other Mineralize Skinfinishes do. If Stereo Rose looks familiar to you, it’s because it was released last in summer of 2010 with the In The Groove! collection, and before that in 2007. Every time it’s been released, it’s sold out super fast, so hopefully you can still find one of these!

Overall Rating:   4.8 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:  5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   4

Packaging:   5

MAC Heavenly Creature  –  Thursday, July 5th, 2012

MAC’s Heavenly Creature collection is a large, space themed collection full of Mineralize products such as Eye Shadows, Blushes, and Mineralize Skinfinishes. There are also Mineralize Charged Water skincare products like Eye Cream, Cleanser, and Moisture Gel. They even brought back Volcanic Ash Exfoliator with this collection! As well as Mineralize products, there are Lipsticks and Cremesheen Glasses too. MAC is also repromoting a few of their permanent products, like the 286, 187, and 188 Duo Fibre Brushes and False Lashes Mascara.

The product names in this collection are all fun and space-related. The Mineralize Skinfinishes, Blushes, and Eye Shadows all have a swirly appearance too, so they resemble planets, galaxies, etc… Most of the products are bright, bold, warm colors, which are perfect for summer! MAC usually releases a Mineralize collection around summertime every year. Heavenly Creature is my favorite in the past few years… These colors really are unique and nearly every product can be worn by anyone!

MAC’s Heavenly Creature collection is already available online, but the official North American release date for counters and stores is Thursday, July 5th. The majority of these products are limited edition. Since Mineralize products are SO popular, you may want to go ahead and get what you want online or stop by your local MAC store or counter and pre-purchase or reserve the products that you want! These will probably sell out VERY quickly!

* Mineralize Skinfinish *

$29 for 10g / 0.35 US oz

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish is “A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face.” These are shimmery, but buildable so you can wear them as a softer wash of color with a glow, or layer them up for intense color payoff and a metallic sheen. These apply best with something like a MAC 187 or 188 Duo-Fibre brush and wear for around 8 hours. There are four Mineralize Skinfinish powders in this collection, all of which are limited edition. For more photos and swatches, you can click here: MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Skinfinish: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

* Mineralize Blush*

$23.50 for 3.2g / 0.10 US oz

MAC Mineralize Blushes are “Baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage. Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer.” All of these are warm, bright colors and although they may look a little intimidating to those of you with fair-light skin, they’re buildable, so with proper application, these don’t have to look so intense if you don’t want them to! Mineralize Blush applies best with a MAC 187 or 188 Duo-Fibre brush and wears for about 8 hours. All four Mineralize Blushes in this collection are limited edition. For additional photos and swatches, you can click here: MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Blush: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

* Mineralize Eye Shadow *

$20 for 1.8g / 0.06 US oz

MAC’s Mineralize Eye Shadows are also “Baked minerals refined into a powder formula provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage”. Basically, it’s the nearly the same formula as the blushes are, only in an eye shadow form! As with the rest of the Mineralize Products, these are buildable, and can also be applied damp for extra bold shimmer and color payoff. I go over all application techniques in my other post. With these, I get approximately 6-10 hours of wear, depending on whether or not I apply a primer underneath. All nine Mineralize Eye Shadows are limited edition. For more photos, swatches, and a full review, you can click here: MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Eye Shadows: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

* Lipstick *

$14.50 for 3g / 0.1 US oz

MAC’s Lipstick formula feels lightweight on the lips, but still gives great pigmentation and color payoff. Most of the Lipsticks in the Heavenly Creature collection are Lustre finishes, except for Pleasureseeker, which is a Glaze. Lustre finish Lipsticks give me around 4 hours of wear before they need to be touched up, while Glazes last slightly longer since they are a bit more creamy. All five of these Lipsticks are limited edition, with Pleasureseeker being a repromote that was originally released with the Neo Sci-Fi collection in May of 2008. Cut A Caper is also a repromote from MAC’s A Tartan Tale collection which came out in October of 2010. Cut A Caper was extremely popular when it was originally released and sold out online the first day that the Heavenly Creature collection was available! For more photos, swatches, and a complete review, click here: MAC Heavenly Creature Lipsticks: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

* Cremesheen Glass *

$19.50 for 2.7ml / 0.09 US fl oz

MAC Cremesheen Glass is “A lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M∙A∙C Lipglass. Soft, comfortable, non-sticky. Applies with a doe-foot applicator. Use as a top layer to its namesake Lipstick or on its own.” These truly are non-sticky, and while they aren’t as thick as typical Lipglass, they are still intensely pigmented and offer great coverage. I get around 4 hours of wear with Cremesheen Glass. The five Cremesheen Glasses in the Heavenly Creature collection are all limited edition. If you’d like to check out more photos, swatches, and full reviews, click here: MAC Heavenly Creature Cremesheen Glass: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

* Brushes *

187 Duo Fibre Face Brush:   This brush is permanent and sells for $42. It is “A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.” It’s perfect for the application of Mineralize Skinfinishes or Mineralize Blushes (but the 188 will give you more control). You can easily layer the product, gradually building color with it. The 187 Brush is also great for buffing and blending!

188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush:   This brush is permanent and sells for $34. It is “A flat-topped, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of any formula colour – fluid, cream, powder or pigment. Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.” It’s a smaller version of the 187 brush, so it’s better for applying to smaller areas, like cheeks, and gives you more control over the product. This is my favorite brush for applying Mineralize Blush.

286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush:   This eye brush is also part of MAC’s permanent line and sells for $30. “With its soft dome shape, this two-toned, duo-fibre brush of goat and synthetic fibres provides a sheer, more controlled application of M·A·C Mineralize Eye Shadow.” I think this brush is great for applying Mineralize Eye Shadow, but mostly just for buffing out and softening the intensity and dry application. It fits into the crease very nicely and gives you a great deal of control. It’s also a fantastic brush for applying under-eye concealer!

* False Lashes Mascara* 

$19 for 8g / 0.28 US oz

False Lashes Mascara:   This mascara is a permanent product. The formula is “Fashionably false in look, but honestly real, this mascara’s key benefits of volume and curl are matched by a dramatic end look. The unique edge: the ultra-thickening formula in combo with the plush-’em-up action of its unique double-lush brush.” This is by far one of my favorite mascaras of all time! I use this on an almost daily basis to make my lashes look long, dark, and full. I especially like layering this over Prep + Prime Lash for added volume, length, and drama. False Lashes Mascara layers well without weighing down the lashes or clumping and wears without smudging or flaking.

* Skincare *

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator:   This product is “A highly effective, dual-purpose foaming, cleansing and exfoliating scrub blending natural Volcanic Ash with fine sugar crystals. Refines and unclogs the skin, adds instant moisture: leaves skin feeling soft and comfortably clean. Mineral-rich. May be used effectively on any part of face or body. Rinses off with warm water.” I have not used this myself, but I plan on picking some up this week! I hear fantastic things about it and from what I understand, it’s good for all skin types. MAC usually releases this in limited quantities and once it’s gone, it’s not released again for a while. That said, I’m unclear if this is going to stick around or not, but I’m pretty sure that it’s limited edition with the Heavenly Creature collection. This contains 100ml / 3.4 US fl oz of product and sells for $28.

Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser:   This cleanser is “A lightweight cleanser formulated with our ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology. Removes all makeup (except waterproof and longwearing) with a wipe – no rinse-off required. Leaves skin nourished, soft, absolutely clean.” It’s a cleanser/remover, so you don’t have to rinse your face with water after using this if you’re in a hurry. I still like to rinse mine, though. I don’t own this product but I’ve used it several times and I like it! It leaves my skin feeling nourished and doesn’t seem to dry it out. Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser is permanent product that contains 100ml of cleanser and sells for $23.

Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream:   This eye cream is “A luxuriously rich eye cream. Infused with our ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology. Moisturizes and adds radiance, while instantly – and over time – reducing the look of dark circles, lines and puffiness.” I have only tried this out for a few days in a row but I thought it was nice and plan on purchasing it when I run out of my other eye cream! it doesn’t decrease puffiness as quickly as Fast Response Eye Cream does, but it seems to help prevent it to some degree and provides more moisture. This is a permanent product containing 15ml of eye cream, which sells for $35.

Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel:   This moisturizer is “An ultra-light, gel-like cream that absorbs instantly to give the skin intense hydration. Infused with our exclusive Super-Charged Water technology, this formula leaves skin softer, more luminous. Use day or night.” Again, I haven’t used this much, only as a sample for about a week, but I think this is a fantastic product for all skin types. If you have dry skin, this will soak in quickly, but still hold in moisture throughout the day. If you have combination skin, it will help to even out the dry areas and oily patches. If you have oilier skin, it will give you just enough moisture to keep your skin even and healthy. My favorite part about MAC’s gel formula moisturizers is that they aren’t heavy and feel like that almost adjust to your skin type, giving you the perfect amount of moisture. It soaks in quickly and doesn’t sit on the surface of the skin, so you can apply makeup over this without feeling like a shiny, slippery-faced mess. During the hotter months, I use the Lightful Moisture Creme, which is also a gel-style moisturizer, so my skin can breathe without having a sticky, heavy layer of moisturizer on it when it’s already hot and humid outside. Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel is permanent and contains 50ml of product. This sells for $37.

It’s about time MAC gives us some new colorful Mineralize Skinfinish powders! All four of the new MSF’s from the Heavenly Creature collection are bold, but buildable. These are unique and there haven’t been any products from MAC lately that are similar to this texture or these colors. These Mineralize Skinfinish powders have a lot of shimmer, so if you’re into having a matte face, these may not be for you!

***   click any photo to enlarge for more detail   ***

These MSF’s are highly pigmented and can look quite bright and shimmery, almost glittery, on the skin, depending on how much you apply. If you use a fluffy duo-fibre brush like a MAC 188 or 187 (both of which are being re-promoted with the Heavenly Creature collection), you will get a soft wash of color and minimal shimmer, which is perfect for a cheek highlight or to add some shine over your blush. If you apply these with a more dense brush like a MAC 116 blush brush, or a MAC 130 short duo fibre brush, you will get a heavier application with bolder color and a more frosted-metallic finish with lots of glitter. The cool thing about these Mineralize Skinfinishes is that every one of them can be worn on any skin tone, depending on what application technique you use! Using a medium to large sized fan brush like a MAC 184 duo fibre fan brush (from MAC Pro), will apply these as light as possible, so if you have fair skin like I do, you might want to give a fan brush a shot.

Like all blushes and highlighters, these are most easily blendable when applied over your setting powder so you get an even application without random, heavy bloches of color. These wear longest on dry to normal or combination skin, typically giving about 8-10 hours of wear before fading. However, I have combination skin with some oily patches and I still get 8 solid hours of wear before my Mineralize Skinfinish powder starts to move around or fade. On oily skin these may wear for more like 6-8 hours… Mineralize products tend to slip around on more oily areas and can appear blotchy as your skin produces oil throughout the day. The shimmer in some of these (typically the ones with larger shimmer particles) can emphasize pores, but as long as you make sure not to apply to areas with enlarged pores, these will look fine! You can also try using some kind of pore refining primer under your foundation and powder to help minimize pores 🙂

These have a smooth, but somewhat powdery texture that can seem dusty and messy at times. However, if you are gentle when gathering product on your brush, these won’t be so messy! Mineralize products do need to be handled with care. If you travel or keep it in your makeup bag, be sure to pack it surrounded by soft things or put a tissue in the container between the product and the lid to make sure it doesn’t get jarred around and crack or break.

These four Mineralize Skinfinishes are limited edition so supplies are limited. These sell for $29 for 10g/0.35 fl oz of product. I have yet to go through an entire MSF, even the one I use several times a week, so these will last you a long time! The Heavenly Creature collection is already available on MAC’s website at and will be at your local MAC counter or store on Thursday, July 5th. If there’s a product that you have your eye on, you may want to call and reserve what you want ahead of time. These always sell out quickly! Star Wonder has already sold out online.

Photo taken outdoors with indirect sunlight on NC20 skin.
Left: Applied heavily Right: Blended out

Center of the Universe
the weird striped shadow is from the screen on my window… sorry! my lamp broke so I had to use sunlight

Center of the Universe:   This is described as a “coral with gold shimmer”. I don’t see much of a true coral to this MSF, but the main, finer part of this powder is a light, peachy kind of coral. The lesser parts of the veining are a warm, coppery brown and a yellowed gold, both of which contain the larger type of shimmery particles. On the skin it’s more of a medium, warm, peachy orange with golden shimmer. Center of the Universe contains finer shimmer particles so it’s not over-the-top glittery. Since this is one of the lighter Mineralize Skinfinish powders in this collection, this would be suitable for the fairest of skin to the deepest. On lighter skin tones, it can be used as either a blush or highlight, while it’s best as a highlight on dark to deep skin.


Earthshine:   Earthshine is a “tarnished bronze with gold pearl and pink reflects”. Wow, that’s a mouthful! This is the darkest of the Mineralize Skinfinishes in the Heavenly Creature collection. It’s a warm, intense plummy, reddish brown when blended together. It contains a mostly golden powder with intense, but fine, shimmer particles (mine seems to have more gold than some other Earthshines). There is also a peachy beige vein and a deeper bronzed, wine colored vein which contains the larger pink reflects bits of shimmer. This is an extremely intense color, so on fair skin it should be used very sparingly, and is best used as a blush or eye shadow. Earthshine is the most flattering on dark to deep skin tones as a blush and/or highlight.

Photo taken outside with indirect sunlight on NC20 skin.
Left: Applied heavily              Right: Blended out

Light Year

Light Year:   This MSF is a “peachy pink with golden shimmer”. Light Year is the lightest Mineralize Skinfinish in this collect. For the most part, this contains a soft, pale, champagne-peach colored powder with smaller sized veins of peachy pink and warm gold. The warm golden vein has slightly coarse, intense gold shimmer particles. Although it looks like it could be very light and super glittery, it’s actually a light to medium peachy pink with fine, but still intense, golden shimmer. On light to medium skin Light Year can be used as either a blush or highlight, while on medium-dark to dark skin, this would be a nice pink highlight. If you have a dark to deep skin tone, you may want to apply this sparingly to avoid looking washed out.

Star Wonder

Star Wonder:   Star Wonder is a “plummy-pink with multidimensional pearl”. This Mineralize Skinfinish has a fine, mostly golden, pearly base to it with a large, warm, plummy vein and a smaller vein that’s a pinky-champagne color. When blended on the skin, it’s a warm, medium pinkish-plum with a yellowed-gold, pearly, highly reflective shimmer. Since it’s a medium shade, Star Wonder will work on all skin tones. It looks gorgeous as a blush or highlighter on pale to medium-dark skin. The lighter you are, the more intense this can look, so you may want to apply it sparingly then build up more product until it’s the intensity you like. On dark to deep skin, this is probably best as a highlighter with a pink or plum blush, although you can try it alone as a blush. The shimmery particles could possibly wash out deeper skin tones… I’m not sure, as I haven’t had a chance to try this out on anyone but myself yet!

Yet another gorgeous collection from MAC! The colors, pigmentation and quality of these products are really exceptional. There is something for every age and skin tone in this collection. Additional/better swatches will be posted very soon, like when the sun is out and my camera battery is actually charged, so check back! Thanks for reading ❤

Some of my products look a little used… That’s because they are! I’ve been testing them so I could write reviews for my readers. I redid my product photos so they don’t look so pretty and fresh-out-of-the-package. I apologize for that but hopefully you enjoy the photos anyway!

*Not pictured: Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish. I don’t plan on adding this to my kit or posting photos of it, as I have similar products.


Fresh Air - Hot Spell - Naked Space - The Wee Coquette

Indoors on NC15 skin Fresh Air - Hot Spell - Naked Space - The Wee Coquette

These Lipglasses may not be outrageous colors or really stand out, but there is something to be said for nice neutrals. For me, it’s difficult to find neutral shades that looks like my lips but better, or colors that go along with a certain lipstick. The Lipglasses in this collection do exactly that… They compliment your own lips and skin tone as well as the lipsticks that came out with MAC Naturally. MAC Tinted Lipglass has a sticky, thick texture when first applied but it doesn’t feel as heavy once it warms up on your lips. The good thing about their thicker texture is that they wear well for about 4 hours before touchups are necessary. The Wee Coquette has been released previously with MAC Me Over last fall, but these are all Limited Edition colors and all of these sell for $14.50.

Fresh Air

Fresh Air:   This is pretty much your typical, somewhat shimmery “light pink”.  At first I was thinking meh, nothing special, it will probably sit in my kit mostly unused… I was wrong! This Lipglass lives in my purse and I use it on a daily basis. This is the perfect pink for me and it would look nice on nearly everyone. On pale-medium skin, it’s a sheer neutral that adds a hint of color and shine, while on darker skin, it would be a good pinky nude. I like to pair this up with A Perfect Day lipstick and Subculture Lip Pencil.

Hot Spell

Hot Spell:   Hot Spell is a shimmery “bronze with multicolored pearl”. On me, it’s a nice, warm, midtone brown, and the golden pearl adds to the warmth of it even more. It has adequate, nearly opaque coverage without looking uneven or streaky. This goes nicely with Beach Sand Lipstick, but that lipstick tends to make Hot Spell appear a little bit darker and cooler. That combination would make a really nice neutral for deeper skin tones.

Naked Space

Naked Space:   For a “creamy, mid-tone peach”, this lipglass provides a warm wash of peachy-ness with some light, almost pearly shimmer.  It applied well with a fair amount of coverage and minimal streaking. It looks lovely when layered over almost any of the lipsticks that came out with this collection, although my favorite combination is with Sweet Sunrise or Pillow Talk. Naked Space is somewhat similar to Illicit Lipglass, but is a bit warmer, deeper, and has more shimmer to it.

The Wee Coquette

The Wee Coquette:   I did not purchase this Lipglass when it was released with MAC Me Over last fall, but I’m glad I did this time. It’s a “naked neutral pink” that looks lovely either by itself or layered over something like Sweet Sunrise lipstick. It applies evenly and has good coverage and a creamy texture. The Wee Coquette lightens up my natural lip color quite a bit and giving me a milky nude look with a touch of white shimmer. If worn alone, I make sure I at least apply Prep + Prime Lip or Lip Conditioner underneath to make it spread out smoothly and not settle into the lines on my lips.


A Perfect Day - Beach Sand - Pillow Talk - Sweet Sunrise

A Perfect Day - Beach Sand - Pillow Talk - Sweet Sunrise

Indoors on NC15 skin A Perfect Day - Beach Sand - Pillow Talk - Sweet Sunrise

I am a big fan of neutral lipsticks, so I was really excited to get my paws on these. I feel like MAC catered to every skin tone and ethnicity when they designed this collection and I’m really impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. Not one of them is too sheer, too thick, too washed out, or too bold. They are wonderful examples of natural looking lipsticks that enhance what you already have. I tend to get about 4-6 hours of wear from MAC Lipsticks before they start to fade or need touch ups. Layering these over a Lip Pencil will add to the wear time and keep them looking fresh and defined even longer. All of these colors are limited edition and can be purchased at any MAC location or online for $14.50.

A Perfect Day (Amplified)

A Perfect Day (Amplified):   A Perfect Day is a perfect neutral for me. “Light neutral pink” sums up this lipstick, and although it sounds simple, simple is good. I have a hard time finding a pinkish nude lipstick that doesn’t make me look washed out. Usually I use Blankety, but this is my new go-to neutral. It adds a hint more color and rosiness than Blankety. It’s an Amplified texture, so it has nearly opaque coverage and a creamy texture.

Beach Sand (Cremesheen)

Beach Sand (Cremesheen):   This is described as a “light tan”… Yep, that’s about right. I think this color would be a nice pale nude for medium to medium-deep skin tones. It has a peachy undertone to it, so it’s not the type of tan that will make you appear to be one of the living dead. Even on my pasty, NC15 face it looks pretty, especially when I layer a lipglass like Fresh Air over it. Being a Cremesheen finish, it has good coverage and a creamy texture that holds in the moisture of your own lip and doesn’t look dry.

Pillow Talk (Cremesheen)

Pillow Talk (Cremesheen):   This is a “midtone rosy nude” that looks neutral and a bit beige on the lips. It’s neither warm of cool… It’s precisely in between, so it’s versatile and can be easily altered with lip pencils and lipglasses, which is always nifty to play around with. Personally, I like to use Naked Space Lipglass over it. The coverage is smooth and opaque, with a hint of warm sheen. Pillow Talk is suitable for nearly every skin tone and would be a lovely nude for medium to darker skinned ladies.

Sweet Sunrise (Lustre)

Sweet Sunrise (Lustre):   Sweet Sunrise is the lightest nude of the Naturally collection. It reminds me of a lighter, sheerer, warmer version of Creme D’ Nude. This is a Lustre finish lipstick, so it has moderate coverage and a touch of shine. It applies evenly and is buildable. Sweet Sunrise is best suited for light – medium skin and would look awesome with a smokey eye. Any neutral lip pencil can be used with this. My choice is Subculture. I have tried Fresh Air, Naked Space,  and The Wee Coquette Lipglasses over this lipstick and they all look great.

Mineralize Eye Shadow

Top: Cloudy Afternoon - Daylight Bottom: In The Sun - Summer Haze - Twilight Falls

Indoors on NC15 Skin Cloudy Afternoon - Daylight - In The Sun - Summer Haze - Twilight Falls

I was really stoked to see some more Mineralize Eye Shadows come out. The ones that were released with Glitter & Ice were awesome so I had my hopes up when I heard about these. The MAC Naturally MES’s did not disappoint! Mineralize Eye Shadows are versatile and buildable, so you can get any level of color and intensity that you desire. These are quite pigmented dry, and even more intense if you apply them with a dampened brush. To do that, I spray a bit of Fix+ onto my brush, swipe it on a little area of the eye shadow, then pat it onto my eyelid. To avoid dusty fallout, you want to use a Paint Pot under these. It can be a neutral color or something that helps intensify the color of the Mineralize Eye Shadow. Using a primer like a Paint Pot will also increase the wear time and prevent any creasing or smudging.

Sadly, these are all limited edition colors, so get them while you can! You can pick these up online or at any MAC counter or store for $20.

Cloudy Afternoon

Cloudy Afternoon:   MAC describes this Mineralize Eye Shadow as a “cream with gold, grey & pink veining”. The combination of all of those comes out to be a frosty, beige-ish silver. When applied damp, the beige tones appear more than when it’s applied dry. I like to use this color all over the lid or as a highlight below the brow or on the inner corner of my eye.


Daylight:   This Mineralize Eye Shadow appears to be a peach with purple, which is accurate to MAC’s description as a “peach with dirty blue lavender veining”. I even see a hint of silver in the veining in mine, but they can vary slightly. On the skin, this appears as a warm, light, peachy to rosy plum. I would say it’s like a lighter, warmer version of Circa Plum Pigment. It’s even more intense and plummier if you apply it with a damp brush, which also makes it look more metallic (so cool). I like to use this color all over my lid or in the crease to blend out a deeper color, such as Twilight Falls.

In The Sun

In The Sun:   I am in love with this one! It’s probably one of the more versatile Mineralize Eye Shadows… Not just from this collection but ever. MAC says it’s a “gold with violet veining”, but I see more than that. You can definitely notice hints of a bronze and cream in this eye shadow. It’s super intense and shimmery, even when applied dry. It’s a warm, mid-tone bronze with plummy undertones to it. Applied damp, it’s bold and intense and shows off the violet even more. The sparkly bits in this are golden and a little chunkier than the other Mineralize Eye Shadows contain, so if you use a brush that’s too fluffy with this, you may have some issues with fallout. Layer this over a primer like a Paint Pot and it will adhere to it when used dry and look it’s best!

Summer Haze

Summer Haze:   Summer Haze is a “palest gold with deeper gold veining”, which translates to a warm, mid-tone golden color when mixed up and applied to your skin. It’s metallic and has a fine, almost creamy texture for a powder. There is a light shimmer mixed in as well so this Mineralize Eye Shadow appears to have many dimensions. It will show up best over a Paint Pot and is most intense and a bit deeper when applied damp. I love to use Summer Haze all over my eyelid with In The Sun in my crease. It makes for a gorgeous, warm metallic look that would make any eye color pop.

Twilight Falls

Twilight Falls:   Here is the cool, smokey color of the collection. It’s described on MAC’s website as a “cool brown with bronze veining”, but when I wear it, I can see some plum and grey tones in there. It’s a soft, sultry color when applied either dry or wet and contains very fine, iridescent shimmer. With a damp application, this will show up relatively deep, but not too intense for any skin tone. I love to use this blended into my crease with any other the other Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection, or packed on all over my eyelid and blended out with Daylight or In The Sun.

Mineralize Blush

Clockwise from top: Early Morning - Subtle Breeze - Fresh Honey

Indoors on NC15 skin Early Morning - Fresh Honey - Subtle Breeze

Woohoo! New Mineralize Blushes!!! These are my favorite type of blushes from MAC or any other brand. They apply so smoothly and are very buildable, so even the deepest colors can be used on a pale chick like me, or layered onto deeper skin tones. I like to use the now discontinued 131 brush to apply these, but a 187 or 188 will work as well. If you want to be able to apply this sheerly to start out with, I recommend sticking with the Duo Fibre brushes. If you have darker skin and need a more bold color payoff, you could go with a more dense brush like a 116 or 168.

I’m a little bummed out that these, like everything else in this collection, are limited edition and only available until they’re gone. Super sadface! You can get your little hands on these at any MAC location or online for $22.

Early Morning

Early Morning:   This blush looks a little intense at first glance, but if you apply it with a Duo Fibre brush, it’s easy to get a sheer wash of color that’s suitable for even the fairest skin. I have been wearing this nearly every day since I got it and it goes well with so many things, not just makeup from this collection. I’ve been sick and this gives me the extra boost of color that I need to not look like a zombie. MAC calls this Mineralize Blush a “peachy pink”, which is pretty accurate, although I see a hint of rose in there. This is the deepest color of the three blushes and would look good on every skin tone. Seriously. Early Morning is the most versatile and unique Mineralize Blush that I’ve seen in a while and I plan on getting a backup of this color!

Fresh Honey

Fresh Honey:   I was a little bit scared of this color at first because I’m super fair (NC15), and on the cooler to neutral side of the skin tone rainbow. However, after playing around with it, I discovered that it made me look like I’ve been out in the sun if I lightly dust it on my cheeks. Yes, I’m so pale that it worked as a sheer bronzer on me haha. On medium and warmer skin, I believe this would show up as a natural, golden glowing pop of color. MAC refers to Fresh Honey as a “warm apricot”, which is pretty spot on. It reminds me of a deeper, less shimmery version of Nuance Mineralize Blush.

Subtle Breeze

Subtle Breeze:    This is the most neutral, natural looking Mineralize Blush that came out with the MAC Naturally collection. It’s referred to as a “blue-pink” which doesn’t sound like anything super special, but I do love this blush. It’s perfect for an every day color on most pale to medium skin tones and will give you a natural looking, glowy pop of color. I would pair this up with a pretty pink or red lip to make it stand out. In comparison to other Mineralize Blushes, this is like the slightly rosier, less shimmery cousin to Dainty.

Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish


Indoors on NC15 skin & mixed together

Redhead:   I really love this Mineralize Skinfinish powder. I actually have two of these that I purchased when it was released with the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection. When you use a Duo Fibre brush (like a 188) to swirl it together and apply it to the tops of your cheekbones as a highlight, you’ll get a shimmery, warm golden glow. I usually use this with warmer shades of blush, but don’t be afraid to lightly apply it with cooler colors too. This will REALLY make your cheekbones stand out! You can also use this Mineralize Skinfinish powder as a brow highlight or along your collarbone for sexy, glowing skin.

*** There has been no compensation or persuasion involved ***

*** I paid for all of these products myself & reviews are my personal opinions ***